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CLOSEOUT PRICIES ON Finger Pennant Strings 60'

Americana Decorative Flag

Stars & Stripes Pattern

3x5' Printed polycotton blend with heading and grommets

Made in USA

#F37 $6.50 Each

$4.95 each for 6 or more


Message Flags Open Flags, Antiques Flags, lots more

Decorations, bunting


Poly Pennant Strings

100' long, 48 pennant flags per string

#PS48M  Multi Color, 6 alternating colors: perfect to use as grand opening flags

4 mil polyethylene

Your choice, mix & match

Each 6-24 25-49 50+
$28.00 $18.95 $13.75 $12.95
Specify Color Combination
Multi Color #PS48M Red/White/Blue/Orange #PSRWBO
Red/White/Blue #PS48RWB Blue/White/Orange #PSBWO
Red/Yellow #PS48MAC Red/Yellow/Orange #PSRYO
Red/Black #PSRDB Orange/White/Green #PSOWG
Black/White/Yellow #PSBWY Red/White/Green #PS48RWG


Metallic Pennant Strings

Specify Color Choice

Magenta Red/Silver/Blue Gold/Silver  or  Mageneta/Silver  (Red is sold out)

50' strings with 42  6x18" Pennants

#4M45 $14.95 Each

Your Choice of Five COLOR CHOICES:








100' Gold strings with 84 6x18" Pennants

#4M45 $19.95 Each









Metallic Fringe #PSF

60' Long, alternating Red/Silver/Blue

This stuff lasts like crazy. We've had ours up for years

Quantity One 3-11 12 or more
Price Each $29.00 $26.00 Each $21.00 each

Black and White checker Pennant Strings


     #ADLOB $39.00  Lobster Flag 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

#ADPA $29.00 Pawn Shop Flag 3x5' nylon with heading and grommets


3x10' stunning color process high resolution 3-dimensional graphic designs printed with the latest inkjet technology featuring very heavy 10 0z polyester reinforced vinyl banner material, heavy duty lock stitch construction, rope ties sewn into each corner.

ALL ARE 3x10'

Grand Opening Banner #G310$59.00

Sale Banner #S310 $59.00

Open Banner #OP310 $59.00

Welcome Banner #W310 $59.00

Anniversary Sale #A310 $59.00

Now Leasing Banner #NL310 $59.00

Now Hiring Banner #H310 $59.00

Under New Management Banner #U310 $59.00


Heavy Duty Nylon Display Banners 3x10'

$59.00 Each

Model #



Grand Opening Banner


Open Banner


Sale Banner


Welcome Banner



If you hang banners or pleated fans up on the roof line, you need to lash them down or they will flip up on to the roof.

The pleated full and half fans are here: Decorations




Grand Opening Banner

3x3' Cotton with heading and grommets across the top.

#GO33 $24.00

USA Flag Strings

60' Long rope of 24 12x18" Plastic US flags

Great Colors

Easy to use, just string them around, cut the rope as needed.


An easy job to do, but it looks like a million bucks!!! The pleated fans and pulldowns are here: Decorations

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