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USA Interment Flag 5 x 9 1/2'     This is the traditional USA casket flag size; It is the flag that is used to drape caskets. This is the one you want as a casket flag.

Heavy cotton bunting, embroidered stars, sewn stripes MADE IN USA

Offered in two versions: Government Spec American flags are identical to those specified by the Federal Government for veterans funerals

Compare the headings:

Government Specification flag on left. It has a very specific stitching pattern and a natural subdued white color

Commercial flag on right

Star from Government Specification flag on left. They have giant generous stars,                        Star from commercial flag on right

Price Each

Commercial Flag #KING59 $109.00

G-Spec Flag #GSP3232 $130.00

Casket flags finished with canvas heading and brass grommets

Display Cases 



The G-SpecTM Line of flag products are identical to those The U.S. Government has specified.
G-SpecTM items are made in accordance with U.S. Code, Title 4. Features include:
Lock-stitched seams, material and color matched thread.
Heavy canvas duck heading constructed to government specifications.
#2 rolled rim, solid brass, toothed grommets.
Official government size (1:1.9) host fly ratio.

Available in Two Fabrics

Exclusive Nylon high-tenacity, industrial strength-70 denier light weight nylon. 2-ply, mercerized cotton bunting.
G-Spec Size Model # Price

2' 4 7/16" x 4' 6"


3' 6" x 6' 8"


5' x 9' 6"


8' 11 3/8" x 17'


G-Spec Size      

2' 4 7/16" x 4' 6"

GSP6857 $51.00  
3' 6" x 6' 8" GSP6856 $85.00  
5' x 9' 6" #GSP3232 $130.00  
10x19' GSP6858 $639.00  
If you need a 10x19' flag, see also the nylon pricing on American Flags  
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