Page Title: Where to buy Confederate Flags? Confederate Flags For Sale, Confederate Flags In Stock as indicated. Buy a Confederate flag here. Why do we still sell Confederate flags when others won't?

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CSA Navy Jack, light polyester, silkscreened design

Finished with heading and grommets for hanging on a pole (scroll down for complete kit)

3x5'IN STOCK  Part# 9CNX  $14.00 each

 THREE FOR $19.95!! (comes out to $6.65 each)

10 for $59.00 (comes out to $5.90 each)

 48 $228.00 (comes out to $4.75 each)

2x3' IN STOCK  Part# 9CNX2 $12.00 each

TWO FOR $15.00

4x6' IN STOCK  Part# 9CNX4 $19.00 each


Complete Confederate Flag Kit:


3x5' CSA Navy Jack Part# 9CNX, shown above, along with all the parts you need to display it. This is a lightweight Confederate flag kit suitable for typical front porch residential use or carrying at a rally. Not suitable for use in mounting to the back of your pick up truck! WE SELL NO HARDWARE OR FULL SIZE FLAGS MEANT FOR MOVING VEHICLES.

Complete Kit Includes: 3x5' lightweight polyester screen printed CSA Navy Jack flag with heading and grommets; Stamped steel 3/4" mounting bracket with screws; Three piece 6'x3/4" steel flagpole with EZ Mount rings to attach flag; Gold eagle ornament; Instructions

Part# 9KESR $35.50 each; Two for $68.00



Confederate Flag

CSA Navy Jack, 200 denier nylon silkscreened design just like you were used to before the controversy removed Confederate flags from the market place. Great lustrous colors


Part# 9SCAN $49.00 3X5'

Finished with heading and grommets for hanging on a pole


Sewn Confederate Flags     Confederate National Flags


Why we still sell Southern flags:

Everyone knows the sad purposes for which these flags are often used. Anyone who knows us, or has been in our shop, understands we have nothing to do with those purposes. Through the years, we have gotten to know many people of good will who use these flags and also have nothing to do with those purposes. Context is everything. Southern flags are used by Civil War reenactors portraying Southern troops and it is a very educational hobby. We have provided them to teachers for classroom use.

People also display Southern flags simply in the context of identifying an ancestry, a homeland. As other flags all around the world, Confederate flags are used to identify a sense of spirit, home, family, belonging and community. Flags matter and people are very passionate about them.

Throughout more than 30 years in this business we have been at various times criticized for selling or displaying the flags of Israel, Puerto Rico, and Ireland to name a few. We provide on this web site Vatican flags, Rainbow flags, Democrat and Republican flags and flags from President Obama's campaign. We provide flags of all nations. We provide Peace Flags. We provide a diversity of flags and we hope that they will always be used with good will.

Followers of our web site know that we have made a niche in providing flags of American history. The War Between The States is one of the most significant periods in that history and the flags on this page are offered in that context. Long ago, those young men who fought that war came back to Gettysburg as very old men. There, in their last years on earth, they shook hands across the stone wall which marked the end of Pickett's charge. Look in the Ken Burns series. There is film of them doing that. Would that we could all do the same. The small book, now sold out, about Elmira Prison Camp, told the story of the escaped slave who personally saw to it that thousands of Confederate soldiers, who perished in "The North's Andersonville", received a decent burial here in New York State. He made sure that their names and grave locations were carefully recorded. He knew that someone would want to know where they are.

They were Confederate soldiers. He knew they were some mother's sons. Those sons of The South now rest here in New York State. Now they are our sons too. We could all take a lesson from that man's humanity.

We provide historical flags, and books on historical flags, from both the North and the South. That is what we have done since 1977.

Union Flags        Books

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Confederate Battle Flag Sewn Cotton   Confederate Flags Budget Prices   Confederate Flags Nylon




Confederate Bandana approx 22x22" dyed cotton

Part# BAN $3.00 each

$25 per dozen


cSA Navy Jack 12x18" Spearhead flags

30" staff long enough to stick in a grave without the flag touching the ground

Sleeved AND stapled at the top

Part# SPHCS12
3 or more dozen Gross (144)
$6.00 ea $39.00 $296



1st national flag

Take a look at my 1st National flag


Confederate Flag Magnet

Confederate Flag Magnet 1.75 x 2"

Part# CSMAG $3.00 each; Three for $6.00


Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker 3" X 6.5"

Part# CSABU $2.00 each,; three for $3.00

                    $19 per pack of 25 



Confederate flag 60 sticker assortment, each sticker is about 1x1.25"

Part# STK421 $2.95 For a pack of 60 stickers

2 Packs for $5.00 (comes out to $2.50 per pack)

3 Packs for $6.96 (comes out to $2.32 per pack)

10 packs for $18.20 (comes out to $1.82 per pack)


Confederate hand held flag

Confederate Stick Flag Approx 4x6" on 10" plastic staff, polyester fabric


IN STOCK, nice quality

Part# SPHCS4 $2.00 each

$12 Per dozen,

$92.88 per gross (comes out to $.65 per flag

Sold in even dozens only

Table Bases for 4X6" stick flags SOLD SEPARATELY:

Part# WB1ES $14.40 per dozen

Approx 1.25" base diameter






Part# 9UNI6 $16

Six flag 4x6" desk set includes the base plus 1st, 2nd 3rd National, Bonnie Blue, CSA Navy Jack and Square Battle Flag. Beautiful bright vibrant colors


The Flags of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History
by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. A very complete examination of the flags used in the South between 1861 & 1865. Discusses the more well known flags, as well as state, battle and nautical flags of the day. Appendices on Confederate flag law. Confederate flag day & chronology of historic events.

#FLOFCO. $21.95

Soft cover; 8 1/2 x 11", 96 pp, 141 illustrations w/66 in color.

Click Here For Other Confederate Flag Books

Confederate Play Money

Confederate Music By Bobby Horton: Buy any 3x5' flag from us and get a special deal on a Southern Music CD or Cassette




Part# 9BKF $25 EACH Final Sale, no returns

Confederate is SOLD OUT. North Carolina and Ohio (not shown) are available

Flags on clamps for parade speed use, not for highway speeds

Approx 5.5x10"

I picked these up as part of a big odd lot when I bought out a flag store. They are one of a kinds. Once the flag wears out there will be no replacements. They are heavier fabric than a common stick flag.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HARDWARE UP CLOSE, The opening closes to an oblong circle about 7/16" x 1/2". Chrome plated brass hardware with stainless steel staff



Confederate Flag Pins about 1/2"x1"

Pins MAY be mixed for the dozen pricing


US Flag, Confederate Flag double pin

Part# PCSUS $4.00 each, $18.96 per dozen

Confederate flag pin

Part# PCS $4.00 each, $18.96 per dozen

Double Confederate Flag Pin

Part# PCSDB $4.00 each, $27 $18.96 per dozen



Confederate Flag Pins about 1/2"x1"

Part# PINCSA $4.00, $18.96 per dozen






Mississippi State Flag


Mississippi State Flag Desk Sets



USA/MS Two Flag Desk Set with wooden base

Part #

1-11 sets 12 or more sets
# 92MS $10.40 per set $7.00 per set

MS One Flag Desk Set with wooden base

Part #

1-11 sets 12 or more sets
# 91MS $5.80 per set $4.05 per set


MS State Flag Desk Sets, Walnut Base


USA/MS Two Flag Desk Set with Walnut base

Part #

1-11 sets 12 or more sets

# WN2

$12.95 per set $9.95 per set

MS One Flag Desk Set with Walnut base

# WN1

$8.45 per set $6.85 per set



Mississippi State Flag

Polyester Silk-screened light weight with heading and grommets

3x5' Part# 9CFMS $24  $5.25 each


Nylon  Silk-screened with heading and grommets

2x3'Part# MS2 $28.00

3x5' Part# MS3 $19.00 (CLEARANCE)

4x6' Part# MS4 $53.00

5x8' Part# MS5 $75.00

6x10' Part# MS6 $127.00


Flag Window Hangers

3x5" DOUBLE SIDED, includes hanger and suction cup

Mississippi Part# 9MB25 $1.49 Each




Confederate Grave markers Confederate Stick Flags 1st national flag

1st National Confederate Flag

3x5' Silk-screened nylon with heading and grommets

$49.00 Part# 1STNAT

1st National Confederate Flag: The first flag of the Southern People as a nation. This was not a battle flag. It was the flag of their country. This national flag would serve the same functions for which we use our 50 star American flag today.

Other 1st National Versions

This flag is not to be confused with the Confederate Battle Flag.


The Stainless Banner

2nd National Confederate Flag

3x5' Silk-screened nylon with heading and grommets

$49.00 CLEARANCE $29.00 Part# 2NDNAT

2nd National Confederate Flag "The Stainless Banner": The first national Confederate flag was thought too close in design to the stars and stripes flag of The Union. So this second design was adopted


A clarification of these flags' names

The 3rd National CSA Flag

3rd National Confederate Flag

3x5' Silk-screened nylon with heading and grommets

$49.00  Part# 3RDNAT


3rd National Confederate Flag: When the 2nd national flag was hanging limp and not waving, it was felt it resembled a white flag of surrender because the stars and bars design near the hoist end was covered by the white field. This third design was adopted toward the end of the war.


First National Flag SEWN Stars, SEWN stripes

COTTON Flag 3x5' w/ heading and grommets

Part# 1STC $52.00

Part# 1N58 5x8'  FULLY SEWN NYLON $105.00


Click to enlarge




The Bonnie Blue Flag




The Bonnie Blue Flag (Color may vary)

3x5' Silk-screened nylon with heading and grommets

$49.00  Part# BONN   IN STOCK

$130.00 5X8' FULLY SEWN NYLON Part# BN58

Confederate Battle Flag Sizes and Prices

Gadsden Flag

Don't Tread On Me Flag, the favorite Tea Party Flag


confederate flag windsockConfederate 40" Windsock


This Confederate Windsock features bright, fun colors and detailed appliquéd graphics with embroidered accents.

Click to see the embroidered stars and accenets

 The windsock’s color coordinating tails flutter whimsically in the breeze.

Durable weather and fade resistant polyester fabric
Polycarbonate plastic hoop maintains windsock shape
Detailed applique design with embroidered accents
8 color coordinated tails with sewn edges
No assembly required
String bridle with attached heavy duty snap swivel for easy hanging

Confederate 60" Windsock IN STOCK

Part# 9SK60


Confederate windsock with printed stars and accents



Pocket Constitution


#PC $1.00 Pocket Constitution. Read it, you'll be amazed what is in it! IN STOCK

Contains The Declaration of Independence too. Go ahead and memorize it. I did.

It also contains quotations by various founding fathers. It's a great pocket book to keep in your back pocket and look through when you're waiting in a line. Hours of educational fun all for a buck.








All the flags below have heading and grommets for outdoor use

Blank Red Flags: I am told this is what was used as Confederate Hospital Flags

3x3' Cotton with heading and grommets

 Part# ES5 $19.95 Each

Quantities are limited to stock on hand. This is a CLOSEOUT item. Subject to prior sale.



Old Georgia State Flag

Historic Georgia State Flag 1956-2,001 Silkscreened design

All have heading and grommets

3x5' polyester Part #GA3P $21.00

2x3' polyester Part# 9GA2 $7.95; $48 per dozen


A most remarkable find:

1956 Georgia Flag

Vintage Historic Georgia State Flag, 1956; This is old stock that is brand new. We picked it up in a close out bulk lot. They date from a time gone buy. I am not quite sure what the fabric is because they don't make flags like this anymore. It may be a rayon because it is much more brilliant in color and silky to the touch and in appearance than modern day nylon. Or it could be some more luxurious grade of nylon not used anymore. Their 12x18" size might tempt you to use them on motorcycles but they should not be subjected to that kind of wind.

Click on these images for a closer look:


Suitable for framing

12x18" with heading & grommets: Part# GA12 $5.95

Two for $9.95; $24.00 per dozen


Louisiana State Flag: A special deal if you are from The Pelican State

Heavy outdoor cotton, 5x8' finished with canvas heading and brass grommets

Part#LA5C $19.00



The Confederate States of America had many flags. Among those were their three national flags. Just as our own Old Glory, the flag of the United States of America, went through many evolutionary versions to reach the pattern we know today, so did the national flags of the CSA. In order, these were:

The 1st National Flag (The Stars & Bars), changed after it was considered too close in design to the US flag, especially when furled.

The 2nd National Flag (The Stainless Banner), changed when it was realized it looked too much like a white surrender flag when furled

The 3rd National Flag, the most recent and final flag of the CSA.

When folks ask us for "the Confederate flag", they usually mean the most commonly seen C.S.A. Navy Jack shown below. In modern day parlance and media reporting, this flag is often loosely called "The Battle Flag", "The Confederate Battle Flag", and even "The Stars & Bars."

"The Battle Flag", is by rights square.

"The "Stars & Bars" is by rights the First National Flag

So when you ask us for "The Confederate Flag", or "The Battle Flag" or "The Stars & Bars", please bear with us when we ask a few questions to find out exactly which one you want. Our brief questions have prevented loads of folks from ordering a flag they did not want

Robert E Lee Flag

Robert E. Lee's Headquarters Flag

Palmetto Guard Flag

Palmetto Guard Flag

South Carolina Secession Flag

USA/Big Red lapel pin Part# PINBR $2.00 : We only have a couple dozen of these available. They have a metal military clutch pin back; These are jewelry quality with 24-karat gold plating.

11 star 1st national flag

1st National Confederate Flag 11 Star dyed design

Part# H59 $23.50 3x5' Dyed Polyester with heading and grommets


Confederate 1st National Flag

1st National Confederate Flag 11 Star SEWN design

Part# H59S $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Appliquéd stars and sewn stripes

Click this image to see the appliquéd star


13 star 1st national flag

1st National Confederate Flag 13 Star dyed design 

Part# H60 $24.50 3x5' Dyed Polyester with heading and grommets


Cherokee Braves Flag

Cherokee Braves Flag Embroidered/Appliqued design 

Part# H41 $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


Click these images to see the beautiful workmanship:



Choctaw Braves flag

Choctaw Braves Flag Embroidered/Appliqued design 

Part# H82 $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Click these images to see the beautiful workmanship:



Forrest Battle Flag

Forrest Battle Flag

3x5' Printed polyester with heading and grommets

#9389 $24.00

Van Dorn Flag

Van Dorn Flag Embroidered/Appliqued design 

 Appliquéd stars and moon, sewn border

Part# H89 $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Van Dorn Flag  Van Dorn Flag Van Dorn Flag

Click on these images to enlarge the appliquéd design


Terry's Texas Rangers Flag

Terry's Texas Rangers Flag Embroidered/Appliquéd design 

 Appliquéd star and embroidered letters

Part# H193 $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Terry's Texas Rangers Flag  Terry's Texas Rangers Flag

Click on these images to enlarge the embroidered and appliquéd design


Hardee's Battle Flag

Hardee Battle Flag

Appliquéd design 

Part# H194 $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


Polk's Battle Flag

Polk's Battle Flag Embroidered/Appliquéd design 

 Appliquéd stripes and embroidered stars

Part# H37N $49.00 3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Polk's Battle Flag Polk's Battle Flag Polk's Battle Flag

Click on these images to enlarge the embroidered and appliquéd design






confederate battle flagConfederate Battle Flag. It would be carried into the fight and used to keep the regiment organized. With it, Generals could hopefully get an overview as to where their regiments were on the field. In the din, smoke and confusion of battle, you could orientate yourself if you could see the battle flag. If you got cut off or if your line was broken, you could "rally 'round the flag". The poor soul who carried the flag was defenseless and was therefore protected by a color guard. Today the color guard is a ceremonial remnant of that former vital squad. Back then it protected the "colors" and the color bearer with deadly force. Before the days of walkie talkies and radios, the battle flag was a vital tool of communication.

Confederate Battle Flag

Finished with heading and grommets


Confederate Battle Flag Regulation Sizes; Fine for outdoor use

With heading and grommets

With SEWN Appliquéd Stars

Cavalry 32x32" Part# 9BCGN $87

Infantry 51x51" Part# 9BIGN $112





Confederate Battle Flag Regulation Sizes


Heading and grommets:


With SEWN Appliquéd Stars

Infantry 51x51" CLEARANCE PRICE !! Part# 9BFIG $123 NOW $89

SEWN Appliquéd Stars with the fine look of a hand made Confederate flag. (Actual star size and stitching pattern may vary from flag to flag)

Click to enlarge stars


I would not get something this nice to beat up flying on an in ground flagpole. This is something utterly gorgeous for framing, indoor display, heirloom keepsake, nice weather outdoor display on a front porch where you'll see it up close enough to appreciate the workmanship.

The cotton battle flags are not suitable for use in the rain; Don't get them wet.




Cavalry 32x32" Part# CS13 $69.00

Artillery 38x38" Part# CS14 $79.00

Infantry 51x51" Part# CS15 $122.00



CSA Navy Jack, FULLY SEWN Appliqued Stars

Outdoor nylon and heavy polyester

Confederate Flag

Click these images to enlarge:


CSA Navy Jack, FULLY SEWN Appliqued Stars

Finished with heading and grommets

Beautiful workmanship

5x8' NYLON Part# 9RN5 $125   CLEARANCE $79.00

5X8' Heavy Polyester Part# 9RI5 $150 CLEARANCE $89.00

6X10' Heavy Polyester Part# 9RI6 $173



Cotton Confederate Flags

Cotton CSA Navy Jack, 3x5'  FULLY SEWN Embroidered Stars and stripes

Click these images to see the stars:

3x5' Finished with heading and grommets

3x5' Part #9CN3CB $99.00

These cotton flags are not suitable for use in the rain; Don't get them wet.



 Upscale Confederate Battle Flag Indoor Mounted Set for library or office

#51SET $355.00

Click image to enlarge this confederate indoor set

I iron the flag before I build my sets


See also

American and State Flag Floor Stand Sets

Armed Forces Mounted Sets

Religious Indoor Sets












#51SET $355.00

This mounted set ships in two cartons. ADD $15 extra shipping/handling to the normal costs shown in the chart on our order form

Complete Mounted Set Includes:

Cotton Infantry Battle Flag 51x51" with grommets      Part# 9BFIG With SEWN Appliquéd Stars; Click here to see the flag itself

#FS1 Endura floor stand, concrete filled with anodized aluminum shell. NO PLASTIC SAND FILLED FLOOR STAND that others may use. Click here to see the floor stand

#WP71 7'x1.25" Oak finish hard wood pole with brass screw joint

#AX1 Brass plated battle axe, NO PLASTIC ORNAMENT

Red cord and tassell

Confederate Battle Flag set comes assembled and ready to use. You just screw the two pole sections together

CAUTION: CHECK YOUR CEILING CLEARANCE. To fit in my office I have built this set using a 7' pole. You will need almost 8' of ceiling clearance.

Note too that the most common mounted set height uses an 8' pole. If you would like this set with an 8' pole to match another set you have, specify 8' pole and add $3.00. YOU WOULD NEED ALMOST 9' OF CEILING CLEARANCE TO USE AN 8' POLE. If need be you could always saw a few inches off the end of the wooden pole that goes into the floor stand


Cotton Confederate Flags

Cotton CSA Navy Jack, 5x8'  FULLY SEWN Appliqued Stars and stripes

Fine quality thick cotton that feels to me like the heavy cotton in jeans. Beautiful color and workmanship.

5x8' Finished with heading and grommets

5x8' Part #CN5C $147.00

These cotton flags are not suitable for use in the rain; Don't get them wet. They are great as a backdrop or hanging outdoors on a nice day









#H96 SOLD OUT The Rock City Guards 27"x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

This flag will not be back as a stock item but it is kept here for the interesting historical information behind it.

A Nashville militia battalion which became part of the 1st Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers.

27"x5'. This unusual size evokes the long narrow scale of the original 3x7'

The Rock City Guards, a Nashville militia battalion became part of the 1st Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers. According to the 11/26/05 posting on Mr. Cannon's web site Vexillarium, "The flag was made in April 1861, after Virginia joined the Confederacy as its 8th state, but before Tennessee formally seceded. Tennessee is represented at the 9th star outside the circle, representing that we weren't in the fold yet, but were on the way. The original flag measures about 3 feet wide and almost 7 feet long, and is in the Tennessee State Museum."

The story of these flags is a story of country and of family. They are symbols of the horrible divide confronting all Americans during The War Between The States. They are symbols of a time when fathers fought sons and brothers fought brothers. They tell the story of where we get the beloved term...Old Glory Click here to see the full story of this pair of father and son flags.



From: JS Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 8:40 AMT o: ''Subject: RE: THANK YOU

Dear Sirs, Thank you for your reply back. Your Great-Great Grandfather was wearing the Southern Cross of Honor, which was probably presented to him by the ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC). I believe it was during the 1890's the UDC had this medal made to present to as many Confederate Veterans as possible and the UDC was the ONLY authorized organization to do so using this medal. All of the Southern Cross of Honor's were presented to Confederate Vets only by UDC members and if I'm correct 14,000 medals were made and presented to Confederate Vets. You can find a lot more information about this medal on the web just by typing in "Southern Cross of Honor" in the browser section. Hope this helps. JS

Follow up from same writer:. I was mistaken. It was 1900 when the medal came out, 12,500 was the first order and a total of 78,761 medals were presented to Confederate Vets.

Here's another response that agrees with the first writer:

Flag Guys:

The medal your grandpaw is wearing in the picture on your homepage is a United Daughters of the Confederacy "Southern Cross of Honor."

A textual description of the honor can be found at:

Hope this helps!



Glad to see my NY brethren unashamed to honor their Southron (sic) forebear!Hurrah for the Empire State (from the Magnolia State)! -- JH Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # XXX, Mississippi

Thanks Pal. Thanks for the great picture. And we followed the second link you gave us and found this information:


1. PLEASE NOTE: Microfilm #1486 must be used instead of the originals. Microfilm is available in Carrier Library's microform area on the second floor.

SCOPE AND CONTENT This collection consists of 1/2 Hollinger box and 1 oversize folder of records and applications for Shenandoah Valley residents who received the Southern Cross of Honor and the Cross of Military Service from the United Daughters of the Confederacy during the years 1905-1941.

The award, which later became the Cross of Military Service, originated on October 13, 1862 as an act of the Confederate Congress to recognize the courage, valor, and good conduct of officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the Confederate Army. However, due to wartime shortages the medals were unable to be made, but the recipients' names were recorded in an Honor Roll for future reference. The design of the cross used by the UDC was created by Mrs. Alexander S. Erwin in July 1898. It featured a cross with a Confederate battle flag on the face surrounded by a laurel wreath with the inscription "The Southern Cross of Honor." The motto of the Confederate States of America, DEO VINDICE (God Our Vindicator) 1861-1865, and the inscription "From the U.D.C. to the U.C.V." appear on the reverse side. The Southern Cross of Honor and the Cross of Military Service are the two most prestigious honors awarded by the U.D.C.

PROVENANCE The collection was placed on deposit by contract with the Harrisonburg- Rockingham Historical Society. The crosses were awarded to recipients by the Turner Ashby Chapter No. 162.

BIBLIOGRAPHY United Daughters of the Confederacy. "The Southern Cross of Honor: General Information." --Received from the Richmond Office of the UDC. Southern Historical Society. Southern Historical Society Papers. Volume 29, Richmond: Southern Historical Society, 1901.

ORGANIZATION The collection was in no obvious order when it arrived at Carrier Library. It was organized into the following series by type of material and arranged alphabetically by name of veteran within each folder.

Box 1 Series I: Applications Folder 1 Southern Cross of Honor Applications, A-FFolder 2 " " " " , G-LFolder 3 " " " " , M-RFolder 4 " " " " , S-ZFolder 5 Cross of Military Service Applications

Flat Box 1 Series II: OversizeFolder 1 Southern Cross of Honor Recipient Records


This guy agrees with the first two guys <<The medal he is wearing is a membership medal of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV). It is based on the Southern Cross of Honor and veterans who were members of a UCV camp wore them. A reunion medal would have a cloth ribbon on it.<<


But is seems as though this e mail from our friend "Crutch" Williams at Crutchfield's Currency explains it best:

** Southern Cross of Honor

Information taken from Confederate Currency & Stamps by Claud E. Fuller, 1949. He is considered, still today, the expert on Civil War weapons and specifically the Southern weapons. He was a Yankee that was adopted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division. He had a section in his book that gives a more complete history on The Southern Cross of Honor. It was at a chapter meeting, Athens (Georgia) UDC later summer 1898 that Mrs. Mary Cobb Erwin presented a resolution to present a belated and much deserved medal to the soldiers and sailors of the South. There are a lot of "Whereas" and "Resolved" in the document. This resolution was presented to the Georgia body and approved October, 1898 and then to the main body UDC for final adoption November, 1899.

Your site, or the site you reference, gives conflicting information. You have "The design of the cross used by the UDC was created by Mrs. Alexander S. Erwin in July 1898." According to Fuller, leading historian of things Confederate and also of the UDC, he says, "The cross was designed by Mrs. S. E. Gabbett, of Atlanta, Georgia". I would believe that Fuller is correct that GABBETT designed the cross and Mrs. Alexander S. Erwin, listed by her familiar name Mary Cobb Erwin, was the one that put forth the resolution in local chapter. Mrs. Erwin was probably the President of that local chapter. I'm sure a more through search of records would give you all the names involved from the Athens UDC chapter, to the Georgia State UDC and finally the national UDC.

"The first presentation to Confederate veterans took place on the Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1900, and has since been known as the Southern Cross of Honor." Description: "Bronze cross pattee, bearing in the center a laurel wreath encircling the inscription in four lines, DEO VINDICE 1861 1865. The four arms of the cross inscribed SOUTHERN CROSS OF HONOR. Reverse, In the center a similar wreath encircling the Confederate battle flag, the four arms of the cross inscribed UNITED DAUGHTERS CONFEDERACY TO THE U.C.V. Suspended from a plain bar, on which the name of the recipient may be engraved."

"About twenty-five hundred crosses were distributed at that time, and since then it has been bestowed upon many thousands of Confederate veterans, and it is still being given to such as are entitled to receive it. In spite of the immense number of crosses that have been distributed, it is almost impossible to obtain a specimen so highly are they valued by those who possess them."

This information was written in 1949. The last U.C.V. meeting was 1952. There were only, I believe, five (5) veterans surviving at that time. One, George Washington Williams, the last to pass, was a cousin of my Grandfather William Richard Williams. I believe there have been some posthumous presentations in the last few years as well.

I passed on your site to a group I belong to recently. One was talking about some flags he purchased off eBay and I told them to check out all your flags. Talk to you later and

Best Regards

Crutch Williams

Life Member SCV

Crutchfield's Currency

The url for this page is