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How to put your certificate and flag into the "Maine Made" Certificate Flag Display Cases

The flag case shown on this page is Item #215W (Walnut) It takes a 3x5' flag and an 8.5x11" HORIZONTAL certificate. Click Here For Full Details. This is NOT a burial flag display case. Click here for casket flag holders.

When you get your flag display case, turn it over and use a phillips head screw driver to remove the screws that insert through the masonite backing into the certificate frame on the other side.



Then flip up those little tabs that hold the masonite backing in place




When you flip up the tabs you will release the backing and have access to the flag triangle and the certificate frame on the inside of the case. You leave the flag triangle attached to backing. The flag goes into it with out the triangle being removed from the backing. The certificate frame has now been released. Don't be alarmed by the two markings you see there in the background fabric. Those are under the certificate frame and are not visible when the case is in use.



Here is where the screw attaches through the backing into the certificate frame



The flag certificate case is easy to open up. Here it is with the backing removed from the main frame and the certificate holder unattached. You are looking at the back of the rectangular certificate holder resting there on the flag triangle.



Remove the masonite backing from the rectangular certificate frame. Leave the plexi-glass front inside the frame. You will be slipping your certificate between clear plexi-glass front and the masonite backing.



With the masonite backing removed, lay your certificate face out against the inside of the plexi-glass



Here is the certificate being placed inside the frame facing out against the plexi-glass



When you have the certificate in there, slip the masonite backing back into the frame and bend the tabs back over to secure it.



Now your certificate is cleanly tucked into the frame. The frame is ready to be screwed back onto the main frame's main backing.



Return the certificate frame to the backing so that the screws you removed line up to the holes in the back of the frame. TIP: There is an upside and a downside to the frame. The holes will line up if you put in on the same way you took it off








You've successfully mounted your certificate. Now you just need to place your flag in the flag triangle.



Take your folded flag and simply place it into the flag holder.





This flag frame holds a 3x5' flag with a little room to spare. Depending on what your  flag is made from and how tightly or loosely it is folded it may not stuff the triangle completely.



The only thing left to do is to join the entire back back up with the flag case main frame











Here is your flag holder all ready for display.



You flag certificate case comes with hangers and tiny nails. You can install these on to the back of the main frame if you would like to hang your flag case on the wall. Flag boxes can also simply sit on mantle.