Page Title: United States Air Force Flags   8th Air Force Flag

A most unique Air Force Flag

3x5'#MILAFAP $59.00 Finished with heading and grommets

Embroidered and appliquéd design. This is not your typical silk-screened design we're all used to. Just look at this detail.

Plus, this flag is DOUBLE-SIDED! It reads correct on both sides. I had never seen a double-sided Air Force flag let alone ever think one could be offered for $59.

I was shocked when I saw it. Never had I seen so much beauty and workmanship

This embroidered Air Force flag is made in China

This double sided flag is so rich in detail, fabric layers and embroidery, it is very heavy. Accordingly it will not be as good a flyer as the silk-screened nylon flags further down this page. For viewing up close as in a parade, on a wall, or on a front porch I have not seen a more beautiful United States Air Force flag in my career.

Appliqued and embroidered double sided United States Air Force flags

Because of all the sewing in it and its double construction, this is a very heavy flag. If you are putting it on a pole in a bracket, don't use anything smaller than a 1" diameter pole.

Look at all the stitching, layers of fabric and embroidery

What colors, what detail, what richness. The silk-screened flags below have their advantages, but none is more beautiful than this one


Silk screened nylon US Air Force Flags:

Officially Licensed Product

Silk-screened designs

All are finished with heading and grommets for outdoor use


Outdoor lighter weight polyester finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. United States Air Force Flag:

#MILAIR3P 3x5'

Lightweight polyester

Each Price ea for 2 or more Price ea for 12 or more
$24.50 $15.00 $7.00
#MILAIR2 2x3'



$32.25 $29.00 $26.00
#AFNP3 3x5'

Knit Nylon


$41.00 $38.00 $35.00


Air Force Wings 3x5' light polyester with heading and grommets

#MIL12W $29.50



United States Air Force Academy Flag  3x5' light polyester

#MILP12 $29.00 With heading and grommets


 #R9280 $10.99 Air Force Cap; amazingly thick embroidered design, adjustable band, one size fits all. Other military caps