Page Title: Be A VexibeeTM

(Scientific Name: Apis Vexillologist)

The VexibeeTM Flag

3x5' nylon with heading and grommets

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Anyone who likes the notion of the Vexibee and his message will be able to display it. Being made now are  flags with a large colorful Vexibee on it as shown above.


I learned a lot about The Mormons, The Latter Day Saints, out at NAVA 47 in Salt Lake City in October of 2013. If there is a more pristine American city, I have not seen it. Staying as we did right downtown at Temple Square, we had a great opportunity to spend lots of time in their museums, visitor centers, which are just like museums, and historic sites important to their faith. I spent an extra two days there after our meeting.

Over and over I kept noticing a strong sense of shared purpose and community that I have seen nowhere else. The bee hive symbol is everywhere, including on the Utah flag, for a reason. Each little bee is one tiny contributing part of the whole community. Each contributes to the well being of the hive. The individual supports the hive and the hive supports the individual.

It occurred to me that any group of people joined together with a common purpose, vexillologists for example, might keep the industrious honey bee and its hive in mind.

So be a Vexibee! Here's how:

Join a flag club, a vexillological association, found all around the world. You will meet with others who study flags. Use the club to share knowledge. Be a good member of your flag community by helping and not hurting your club.

Flags represent human beings. Don't hurt or desecrate them. Keep them clean and in good repair.

Anyone flying your flag is part of your family. Treat them like family. And remember that other flags represent families of other people like you.

Study flags to gain knowledge of the people of the earth. You'll learn of their history, their troubles, and their accomplishments. You will learn more about yourself.

When you research and report on flags do so truthfully, accurately and with integrity. Be a good historian and tell a complete story.

Remember that flags are small things but are part of big events and big stories.

A flag is a messenger but not the message. Don't love your flag but dishonor its message.


Links to Flag Organizations:

North American Vexillological Association NAVA

Portland Flag Association



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