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Why are these the best antenna flags I've ever sold in my 35+ year career in this business? Take a look at the story below. Meanwhile, here is the pricing:
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Antenna Flag

The article below explains why these antenna flags are made in China. They are simply the best I've tried.

How long will my antenna flag last?

Ok, now here's the deal. I've sold USA antenna flags for the entire 35 years or so I've been in this business. Folks are often curious about how long they will last.  In the beginning, the ones that were made in this country were just fine. They would last for months and months on my car. Then I noticed a change. My customers would buy an American antenna flag in my shop and tell me it had come apart on the way home! It became a real problem. When 911 came along I happened to have about 7 gross of USA antenna flags In stock. So I sold them all real cheap as seconds and told everyone of the potential problem. Customers appreciated just being able to get USA flags anyway and they were a good deal "as is".

Since then I tried using USA antenna flags made in the USA from other sources. The result has been consistently disappointing. People complain that they wear out too soon. I have been kind of surprised about what people even expect of them. I mean people call me up and want to know, for the few bucks little flags like these cost, how long they are going to last. People even ask how many miles they will get out of them. Golly! If you want to know why it is difficult to predict how long a flag will last, read my posting here. I can't tell you how long your fifty dollar flag will last. And that flag sits on your front porch. I sure can't tell you how long your $3.95 CB antenna flag will last and that one will be subjected to 60 mile per hour winds every time you get out on the highway.

Antenna flags are really meant for parade use at a crawling speed

But OK, fair enough. Now we have an actual study of sorts on antenna flag durability and longevity.


Let's look at how the clip attaches. Every other antenna flag I've ever carried was held on to the clip with two little staples. Take a look at these. The flag has some serious stitching along its entire edge completely affixing it to the clip.

Two experiments conducted by my customers

Then, a local long time customer was about to take a motorcycle trip and he offered to document the USA antenna flag wear he got. The results show an example of something I have always said about flag wear. A major factor is location, location, location. I have always said that your neighbor's flag across the street from you might last twice as long or only half as long as yours. If his flag is all day in the sun and your flag is all day in the shade, you will both get very different results.

Same thing with these little antenna flags. As the pictures show, our friend has found out that he gets dramatically different results with the flag being just about 20 inches LOWER on the antenna.

Keep in mind that these little antenna flags by their very nature are not as heavy-duty as the commercial grade flags meant to fly on giant flagpoles. Plus, these little inexpensive flags will be subjected to far greater winds. If you are driving 55 miles per hour, this little antenna flag is being subjected to a 55 mph wind. Drive 80 mph and that is an 80 mph wind. According to Wikipedia, just a 10 minute sustained wind speed of 39-54 mph is a tropical cyclone classification of 8-9 on the Beaufort scale. And how many of you drive 39-54 mph? Get out on the open road and how fast do you go? Go 64-72 mph for ten minutes and you are at an 11 on the Beaufort scale. Do that in the North Indian Ocean and they will classify you as a "severe cyclonic storm".

Still, for what they are, I am thrilled with how well these antenna flags do. They out perform any of the domestically made antenna flags I have tried which is why they are the only USA flags we sell that are made in China. The choice is to sell you American made antenna flags that everyone complains about or to sell you a fine imported product that is of good quality, a good value and that makes people happy. So you decide.

USE TIP: I had another guy from Trail Creek, Indiana test them. He had a couple dozen of the US made antenna flags we no longer sell. He tested them and sent back the results. One was labeled "45 minutes at 60 mph". It had already started to come apart. One he used for two weeks only in town where he says he does not go over 40 mph. It had also begun to fray. Then, he did an experiment. He sprayed one with spray starch and used it for two weeks also in town. The starch made a difference. It had frayed just a tad.

Still, it did not do as well as these Chinese made flags. I replaced all his flags with these better ones.

How long will your antenna flags last? I have no idea. It depends on how fast you go, where you go, and even where the flag is on your vehicle. But I hope reporting what these two customers have told me will give you an idea.

Antenna flags are really meant for parade use at a crawling speed. I sell them with no promises that you will get the results these guys say they have gotten and I sell them with no guarantee.


The two pictures below show an antenna flag flown higher on the antenna.

The two pictures below show an antenna flag flown just a bit lower on the antenna. In the lower position it actually takes less wind and whips less.

"Flag at lower position on antenna"


My customer writes:

"There was one mistake on my part. This flag was put on in North Carolina, went to Tampa Florida and back to New York. Mileage is 1,500 miles, not 1,082. Our riding jackets were strapped on the back, the flag got caught on some velcro. It took the fringe off. If it didn't get caught, there would have been little or no damage."

Not Bad! A thousand miles at interstate highway speeds? This guy goes 80mph at times.