Flags of the Fifty States
Their Colorful Histories and Significance
by Randy Howe

#BF50 $9.95 CLOSEOUT

200 pages, hardcover

A beautifully illustrated panorama of the states
of the union as seen through their flags

“[This book] packs a great deal of information into its 200 pages, and the color illustrations are well done. . . . [It] should prove useful to anyone teaching American history or to those interested in their own state’s history and symbols. Howe is an educator, and this is evident in the way the book presents its message.”
—Military Collector & Historian

“Beautifully put together. . . . [T]he illustrations are gorgeous, the formatting is as attractive as I’ve seen in recent years, and the stats . . . are accurate.”
—Pine Bluff Commercial

“Howe combines education with entertainment. Readers will look not only at their own state flag with renewed interest but also those of the states they have visited.”
—Encha ntment, a monthly (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

“This book includes quick tidbits and facts that makes the history of the nation’s flags interesting. Your children can use this as a reference book for school projects, but we bet they will also be tempted just to flip through the book.”
—Atlanta Parent


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The Flags of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History
by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. A very complete examination of the flags used in the South between 1861 & 1865. Discusses the more well known flags, as well as state, battle and nautical flags of the day. Appendices on Confederate flag law. Confederate flag day & chronology of historic events.


Soft cover; 8 1/2 x 11", 96 pp, 141 illustrations w/66 in color.

The Constitution of the United States of America Pocket Edition

Betsy Ross's Five Pointed Star, Elizabeth Claypoole, Quaker Flag Maker- A Historical Perspective by John Balderston Harker

166 pages extensive notes, index, genealogy, timeline, appendix; 32 pages of high quality color illustrations.

#BRB $25 Hardcover 8.8x7"

John Balderston Harker, a fifth-generation descendant of Betsy Ross, has produced a work that updates our understanding of the her involvement with the American flag. This book makes a very strong case in support of her role as our flag's creator.

The writing is compelling, the information brought forth is intriguing. The high quality print job, archival paper used and fine image reproduction make this book a joy to even hold.

Black Union Soldiers in the Civil War #BUS, WAS $36 now only $21.95 By Hondon B. Hargrove: 250pp Hardcover, 6x9", 8pp photographs, tables, bibliography, index. This book refutes the historical slander that blacks did not fight in the war. The early opposition to using black soldiers is examined. Chapters include "This is a White Man's War," "The Emancipation Proclamation," and "Black Soldiers Prove Themselves Men." Topics covered include "Southern Negroes as Confederate Soldiers," "The Bureau for Colored Troops," "The Corps d'Afique," and "Shared Battles." Treatments of specific actions include the battles of Milliken's Bend, Fort Wagner, Olustee, Wilson's Wharf Landing (Fort Powhattan), Petersburg, The Crater, Fort Pillow Massacre (depending on whom you believe) and many others. Appendices include much information on the organization and statistics of black troops by regiment and descriptions of the actions resulting in The Congressional Medal of Honor being awarded to 16 black soldiers to whom this book is dedicated. "Very well researched...recommended to all students of military history." - Civil War; "excellent, scholarly analysis, complete with illustrations and numerous tables of figures to drive home his point." - AB Bookman's Weekly.

The Flags Of Civil War South Carolina

#FLOFCSC $11.95 CLOSEOUT By South Carolinian and History Teacher Glenn Dedmondt: For this definitive volume, the author meticulously located, measured and determined the significance of every South Carolina flag in existence today. The state's long, proud history, as well as its role in the War Ben The States, is reflected by the many flags that represent secession, state sovereignty and military detachments.

Featured flags include: The Lone Star and Palmetto Flag (Palmetto Guard Flag -Pvt. John Bird's Flag) which was the first Southern flag to fly over Fort Sumter and the Sovereignty Flag (South Carolina Secession Flag)

160 pp. 8.5x11", 150 color illustrations, Bibliography and a table showing dimensions of battle flags.

The Flags of Civil War North Carolina By Glenn Dedmondt


Flags stir powerful emotions, and few objects evoke such a sense of duty and love of one’s homeland. In April 1861, the first flag of a new republic flew over North Carolina. The state had just seceded from the union, and its citizens would soon have to fight for their homes, their families, and their way of life.

The Flags of Civil War North Carolina is the history of this short-lived republic (which later joined the Confederacy), told through the banners that flew over its government, cavalry, and navy. From the hand-painted flag of the Guilford Greys to the flag of the Buncombe Riflemen--made from the dresses of the ladies of Asheville--this collection is an exceptional tribute to the valiant men who bore these banners and to their ill-fated crusade for independence.

208 pp. 8½ x 11 155 color illustrations - Appendixes - Bibliography - Index

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