Page Title: Aluminum Flagpole Flash Collars

Silver Clear Anodized Bronze #313 Black White


A custom split collar can be useful when replacing or adding a flash collar to an installed flagpole without removing the pole from the ground. Add $85 to the pricing below for two-piece split collars. Check your size! Custom split collars are not returnable.

Inquire for pricing or check back soon



Clear Anodized Bronze #313 Black White
For Pole Diameter Outside Collar Diameter and Ht. Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price
2" 8"x 21/4" #FCH   FC064   FC048   FC073   FC098  
2 3/8" 8"x 21/4" FC001   FC025   FC049   FC074   FC099  
2 1/2" 8"x 21/4" x   FCH25   FC050   FC075   FC100  
2" 12"x13/4" FC003   FC026   FC051   FC076   FC101  
2 3/8" 12"x13/4" FC004   FC027   FC052   FC077   FC102  
2 1/2" 12"x13/4" FC005   FC028   FC053   FC078   FC103  
3" 12"x13/4" FC006   FC029   FC054   FC079   FC104  
3 1/2" 12"x13/4" FC007   FC030   FC055   FC080   FC105  
4" 12"x13/4" FC008   FC031   FC056   FC081   FC106  
4 3/8" 12"x13/4" FC009   FC032   FC057   FC082   FC107  
5" 12"x13/4" FC010   FC033   FC058   FC083   FC108  
5 1/2" 12"x13/4" FC011   FC034   FC059   FC084   FC109  
6" 12"x13/4" FC012   FC035   FC060   FC085   FC110  
5" 16"x27/8" FC633   FC634   FC635   FC636   FC637  
6" 16"x27/8" FC013   FC036   FC061   FC086   FC111  
7" 16"x27/8" FC014   FC037   FC062   FC087   FC112  
8" 16"x27/8" FC015   FC038   FC063   FC088   FC113  
7" 22"x35/8" FC016   FC039   FC064   FC089   FC114  
8" 22"x35/8" FC017   FC040   FC065   FC090   FC115  
10" 22"x35/8" FC018   FC041   FC066   FC091   FC116  
8" 30"x41/4" FC019   FC042   FC067   FC092   FC117  
10" 30"x41/4" FC020   FC043   FC068   FC093   FC118  
12" 30"x41/4" FC021   FC044   FC069   FC094   FC119  
8" 38"x43/4" FC022   FC045   FC070   FC095   FC120  
10" 38"x43/4 FC023   FC046   FC071   FC096   FC121  
12" 38"x43/4 FC024   FC047   FC072   FC097   FC122