Page Title: Rotating Flagpole Mount  Anti Wrap Kit: American flag kit with ball bearing flagpole. Yes, this is the kit that has the flagpole with ball bearings inside. Flag holders will never be the same again.

Sleeved flag kit

Rotating Flagpole Flag kit

Flag antiwrap concept. It is a flagpole with ball bearing. This picture shows it with a 3x5' flag, but you can buy the "no wrap flagpole hardware" set without a flag. Rotating Flagpoles


This rotating flagpole has a ring of ball bearings that separates the top half of the pole from the bottom half. Your flag is free to rotate as the top half of the pole spins independently from the bottom half.

Not all flagpole hardware is equal. An unwrapping flagpole is much handier.


Aluminum rotating flagpole hardware kit

A most amazing flag mount