Page Title: Foreign Stick Flags CLOSEOUTS

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4x6" Cotton Foreign Stick Flags

All countries available in nicer quality desk flags

Rainbow flags are here Rainbow Flags

4x6" Flags

Mounted on a 3/16" x 10" natural wood staff with no tip. A low cost alternative to our more luxurious 4x6" desk type flags. An ideal low cost solution for parades, assemblies, mass distribution of international hand held flags.


Bahamas #SHNBA $1.25 each OR $4.25 for a Lot of 17 flags

Denmark #SHNDEN  $1.25 each OR $18.00 for a Lot of 90 flags

French Flags France #SHNFR $1.25 each OR $42.12 for a lot of 141 flags

Green flags, #SHNGREN  $1.25 each OR $4.50 for a lot of 90 flags

Panama #SHNPAN $1.25 each or $11.24 for a Lot of 210 flags 

Switzerland  #SHNSWZ  $1.25 each or $7.00 for a Lot of 70 flags


Mexican Stick Flag Mexican Flags

Canada #SHNCAN $1.25 each or take the lot of 30 flags for $12.30


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