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4x6" Cotton Foreign Stick Flags

All countries available in nicer quality desk flags

Rainbow flags are here Rainbow Flags

Mounted on a 3/16" x 10" natural wood staff with no tip. A low cost alternative to our more luxurious 4x6" desk type flags. An ideal low cost solution for parades, assemblies, mass distribution of international hand held flags.



Bahamas Lot of 31 flags  #SHNBA $9.30

Denmark Lot of 92 flags  #SHNDEN $27.60

Green flags, #SHNGREN  Only 108 are on hand as of 2/14/18

$6.00 per dozen

Take all remaining 108 in stock $25 cents per flag = $27.00


Panama Lot of 217 flags  #SHNPAN $54.25


Poland Lot of 552 flags  #SHNPO $110.40


Switzerland  Lot of 70 flags  #SHNCU $21.00


Mexican Stick Flag Mexico Lot of 192 flags #SHNMEX $40.32

Other Mexican Flags




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