Page Title: Military Spearhead Flags MADE IN The Good Old US of A

At Last! Call them what you want: Military hand held flags, military stick flags, armed forces spearhead flags. These are Armed forces stick flags on a proper staff approximately 30" long enough to stick in the ground without the flag laying on the grass. Hefty 3/8" thickness with massive wood spear tip. These are absolutely beautiful rich quality silk like polyester with great colors and detail. Great for parades, gardens, home decoration, floats.

Call me a flag geek, but I just get all excited about dowel quality. Just look at that rich, thick fat old 3/8" dowel. Perfect size for the back of a grave marker. Great natural wood color too. And by the way, the flag is finished with FOUR staples. 12x18" Spearhead Flags on 30" 3/8" Wood Staff.

As is standard in the flag industry, actual staff lengths and flag size may vary from the sizes quoted.

Made in USA

Air Force #AF12L

Army #A12L

Coast Guard #CG12L

Marines #M12L

Navy #N12L


POW Stick FlagClick to enlarge

3-4 flags Any 5 Flags Any 12 flags 72 Flags in even dozens
$7.00 each $5.75 each $4.95 each $3.95 each
There is a  three flag minimum because a single flag shipped by itself is too likely to get broken.

The 72 quantity must be ordered using full dozens of a type



Marine Corps Stick Flag Closeout 12x18" sleeved flag on a 24" spear tip staff


$17.29 For one lot of eight flags left

Limited to stock on hand These are made in China.


4x6" Armed Forces Hand Held Flags









Army #AM4


Air Force #AF4

Marines #M4

Coast Guard #C4

Navy #N4

Merchant Marine #MM4


All 6 Military Hand Held Desk Flags are also available in 4x6" mounted on a 3/16" x 10" staff

Flags and bases are sold separately


Price Each

Price each if you get 12 or more of the same flag

Price each if you get 72 or more flags assorted by even dozens

Price each if you get 144 or more flags assorted by even dozens

4x6" Desk Flag





Bases Sold Separately


Marine Corps Desk Flag Set

Deluxe Military Flag Desk Set

ARMED FORCES 4x6" 6 Flag Desk Set: Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard, USA with a six-hole base


Armed Forces Desk Flags Made in USA

#UNIMILS Best quality polyester fabric (pictured)

Each CLOSEOUT: Buy one at regular price, get additional sets at $12.95 each, limited to stock on hand


Marine Corps plastic flags are NO LONGER AVAILABLE;

4x6" Plastic Armed Forces Flags on a 10" gold plastic spear tip staff.

Great for JROTC, recruiters, give-aways, banquets; may be used with our plastic bases, sold separately


Inquire about the availability of larger quantities

  Each 24 or more assorted 144 or more assorted 576 or more OF THE SAME FLAG 1440 or more OF THE SAME FLAG
Army #ECOAR 29        
Air Force #ECOAF 29        
Coast Guard #ECOCG 29        
Navy #ECON 29        


Also Available:


Merchant Marine 12x18" Stick Flag on 5/16" Natural Wood Staff , Gold Spear Tip

#SPH7512 $7.00 each for a minimum of three

$59.40 per dozen

$440 per gross

This one is a material that feels like cotton but is not. It is a type of polyester.

Merchant Marine spearhead flags can NOT be assorted with the other 6 military stick flags shown above to achieve the quantity prices. 


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