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William McCarthy sidewalk memorial plaque

There is something I have now seen twice in Philadelphia that I have never seen in any other city. They put a memorial plaque right in the sidewalk at the scene where a police officer died protecting the citizens of Philadelphia.

I wanted to know what happened to the officer so I looked him up on Officer Down Memorial Page

He was a 31 year old mounted patrol officer killed by a drunk driver after a concert near Spectrum Stadium September 22, 1987

Now that I have seen two such plaques I figure it must be policy that they be placed. I will start to photograph them when I come across them.

Skipper was Officer McCarthy's horse, also killed.

Danny Faulkner sidewalk memorial plaque


This is actually the first police sidewalk memorial I found around 2007.

25 year old Danny Faulkner was shot and killed while making a traffic stop at the corner of 13th and Locust St. on December 9th, 1981. The vehicle he stopped was driving the wrong way down a one way street.

This sidewalk plaque is about in front of #1234 Locust St. at the corner of 13th st.

8/8/10. Just another nice peaceful day in Philly.

The killer ran at him from this parking lot across the street. Danny was shot in the back as he struggled with the driver of the car he had stopped. He was shot in the back and then 4 more times at close range.

Sir! You in the shorts. Stop a second and look down at the memorial you are passing over. Take a moment and ponder the thin blue line that separates bad guys from us the protected.