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POW/MIA Flags come two different ways: "Single/Reverse" and "Double Sided.

Single/Reverse:Sometimes called "single sided" but that creates confusion. Lots of folks think single sided flags are blank on one side, that there is nothing on the back! Not so:

POW Flag

POW Flag

"Single sided" or more accurately "single/reverse" flags show the image correct on one side and....................
 "reverse" on the other. Printing on flag fabric is not like printing on paper. You can't print on both sides! What you see on the back side is the dye or ink that bleeds through from the front side. Every state flag except Oregon and Washington is made "single/reverse". The flag shown above is how your "single/reverse" POW/MIA flag will appear

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#P5 POW Pin CLOSE OUT $.99

Single/Reverse POW flags with canvas heading and brass grommets MADE IN USA

SIZE and Fabric


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12x18" Nylon



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2x3' Nylon


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3x5' Light Wt.Polyester


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3x5' Nylon


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3X5' Nylon, A special single/reverse version with a design that is SEWN and Embroidered. Beautiful detail especially if the flag will be seen up close. This is the only flag on this page that is made in China

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POW flag

Single/reverse design






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3x5' Heavy "Iron Man" heavy polyester


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5x8' Heavy "Iron Man" heavy polyester




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8X12' Nylon #POW8SR $279.00 EACH $239.00 EACH
Canvas heading and grommet

POW Missing Man Chair: Am example of how to use a POW flag to remember the man or woman who is still out on patrol

POW Missing Man Chair

POW Missing Man Table

  POW/MIA Missing Man Table POW MIA Missing Man Table POW MIA Missing Man Table


Double Sided

Read correct on both sides. You can't print on both sides of the fabric. The only way to have the image appear the same on BOTH sides is to take two flags and sew them back to back. Naturally, this makes the cost of a "double sided" flag more than the cost of a "single sided" flag.

POW Flag POW Flag

Your "double sided" POW flag will read "correct on both sides"

Double Sided POW flags: with canvas heading and brass grommets MADE IN USA



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2x3' Nylon





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3x5' Nylon



3x5' Nylon Parade Version with sleeve and white or silver fringe. POW3DP $92.00 x
3x5' Iron Man Polyester POWI3D $93.00 $89.00 EACH

4x6' Nylon



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4x6' Iron Man Polyester


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5x8' Nylon



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5x8' Iron Man Polyester POWI5D $212.00 $185.00 EACH

6x10' Nylon


$190.00 $179.95.00 EACH
8X12' Nylon POW8D $356.00 $329.00 EACH

Double sided flags are not "better" than "single/reverse". They are not stronger. They just have a correct image on both sides making them visually more appealing. If you are purchasing for a government agency or commercial enterprise, check to see if your own internal regulations require one or the other. In my experience, government users tend to get double sided. I think more veterans groups and fire companies get double sided rather than single sided. Many private individuals get double sided also as a matter of preference. The double sided image does have more appeal. it is a matter of preference. But they cost more. Absent any internal regulation or code from your own organization, both versions are equally correct and respectful.

Due to their lighter weight, single sided flags will fly better.

POW Stick flag POW stick flag

Hand Held Cotton POW stick flags 4x6"stapled to 10" wooden staff


Sold only by the dozen

Item #SHNPOW Dozen 2 or more dozen
Price per flag $12.00 $8.00 per dozen, CLEARANCE PRICE LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND


POW Stick Flag

POW 12x18" Spearhead flag on approx 30" staff



12 flags

72 Flags
#P12L $5.50 each $4.95 each
Shipping/handling on one dozen POW Spearhead flags is $32.95



4x6" on 10" spear tip staff

Fine silk-like quality

Item # Each 12 or more 144 or more





Bases sold separately:

Item # Each 12 or more 144 or more



Question: Hi, A local group in my town is attempting to honor Purple Heart recipients in our area during our 4th of July celebration. One was also a POW during WWII. We intend to have these gentlemen ride in the parade with posters on the side of the car with their name and branch of service. My question is if the Black and white POW/MIA flag is appropriate for use for a WWII POW or is it just intended for Vietnam POW/MIA? Thank you for any help you can offer.

T. D. Portage, WI

Answer: The way I see it, it is appropriate.
Here is what the Army Institute of Heraldry says regarding use of the symbol for POW/MIAs from other wars:

On August 10,1990, the 101st Congress passes U.S. Public Law 101-355, recognizing the National League of Families POW/MIA Flag and designating it "as a symbol of our Nation's concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia. Thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Nation." Beyond Southeast Asia, it has been a symbol for POW/MIAs from all American Wars.

Other POW/MIA flag usage questions

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