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The TankTM wall  thickness

The TANKTM US Flag Kit

At left: This picture says it all. Just take a look that the wall thicknesses of these two poles. The TANK pole is on the left. A standard 1" aluminum pole is on the right. The TANK has a one piece 6' highly polished silver aluminum pole with an unprecedented wall thickness of 1/8".


At right: Look at this moose of a bracket. Highly polished solid aluminum "star bracket" is extra strong. Its unique design sets it apart from any bracket we've seen. It comes with 1.5" mounting screws.

 It protrudes out from the wall about 3 3/8", the barrel is about 3.5" deep.

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The precision machined gold anodized solid aluminum ball ornament is threaded on to the top of the flagpole and is secured with a stainless steel set screw.

Notice the anti-furl collar system. Your flag attaches to the collar with the split ring. The flag is not fixed to the pole, it is attached to the collar that rotates around the pole. Each collar is held in place with three allen head set screws. An allen head wrench is included with each kit.

IF YOUR GOAL IS TO HAVE THE MOST EFFECTIVE ANTI WRAP FLAGPOLE, DO NOT GET THIS KIT. Every kit has an advantage and disadvantage.  It's advantage is strength. The Tank kit has the highest tech machined look and many find its precision ornament, gleaming finish and designer bracket the preferred choice. The antiwrap system is OK but not as effective as the sleeved kit system directly below:

The TANKTM hardware includes:
  • Aluminum pole, 6' x 1" diameter, 1/8" wall thickness
  • Solid aluminum ball ornament
  • Furl reduction collar with retaining rings
  • Hefty star bracket, screws

The TANKTM American Flag Kit is offered FOUR ways:



Note: As great as this kit is, the distributor is discontinuing it. When current inventory is gone there will be no more.

#K20 $228.00 with our EagleTM Nylon US flag

#K28 $238.00 with our Iron ManTM Two Ply Polyester US flag

#K27 $239.00 with our Signature Nylon US Flag

#WBT $205.00 Everything in the kit EXCEPT a flag. Buy this if you have your own 3x5' grommeted flag.

At right: The TANKTM kit is shown fully assembled with a 3x5' nylon flag.

It is easy to assemble.

Sleeved American Flag Kit with rotating flagpole

 #K11 $69.00 two kits for $120 With Nylon Flag

Kit Includes:

2.5 x 4' nylon flag with embroidered stars, sewn stripes

5' x 1" Non Rusting Revolving Aluminum Pole

Heavy Cast Metal Two Position Bracket

The Sleeved Flag Kit features a highly polished gold ball. The flag attaches to the clip using the leather tab sewn inside the sleeve. The top half of the pole is separated from the bottom half with a ball bearing joint. This joint allows the top half to revolve separately from the bottom half thus cutting down on "flag wrap." This is a spinning flagpole that is fairly effective at preventing your flag from wrapping around the pole. Rotating Flagpoles
   This is the bracket you get with this kit. The two position #WB11S silver aluminum bracket is supplied with wood screws as well as a thumb screw.

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