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Simple yet effective. This was one of most fun jobs of my flag career. Back when I used to go out and decorate buildings, I was hired to decorate President Reagan's reviewing stand and lots of other places around West Point. It was quite a thrill to be in the center of a presidential event with all its hustle, and bustle. The Army built the box, then I covered it with Old Glory Blue nylon. The simple standard pleated full fans finished it off.

The nice man in the trench coat kept an eye on things.

Plastic Bunting

#PBUN $89.00

300' Roll. That's a football field without the end zones. The roll is 36" wide; Great for patriotic events, political meetings, holidays, conventions. Use as a table cover or to cover a reviewing stand. Use as a trim or as a backdrop. It's like a big roll or wrapping paper. 1001 uses limited only by your imagination. Maybe that artist guy would like to wrap a monument or a mountain with it.


Red, White, Blue Heavy Duty Cotton Bunting 3-Stripe

36" wide, fully printed, no stars

  1-11 yards 12-71 yards 72+ yards
#BUN3 $8.30/ yd $7.00/yd $5.75/yd

Red, White, Blue  Bunting 5-Stripe

36" wide fully printed, no stars

Specify Cotton with printed stripes or Nylon with sewn stripes

1-11 yards 12-71 yards 72+ yards
Cotton #BUN5 $7.20 $5.90 $5.50
Nylon #BUN5N $12.00 $9.00 $8.50

Red, White, Blue Cotton Bunting 5-Stripe

wide fully printed, WITH stars

Specify 18" or 36" width

  1-11 yards 12-71 yards 72+ yards
18" #BUN518 $3.50 $3.00 $2.50
36" #BUN536 $7.30 $5.95 $5.55

Flag Pattern Bunting: Cotton, hemmed on all four sides
Item  # Pattern Size Size of roll 1-11 12+
FPB4 4x6" 4"x21' $15.00 $10.80
FPB8 8x12" 8"x24' $16.00 $13.80
FPB12 12x18" 12"x25' $22.00 $18.60


Pennant Strings

Mourning Fans

Purple and Black Mourning Bunting.  Nylon Pleated Full Fan with heading and grommets. Sometimes Called Mourning Drapes


Black mourning streamer for flag

Mourning Streamers


If you hang fans at the top end of a roof line, you need to tie them down to keep them in place or they will flip upwards and blow up on the roof. The ones on the wall can remain free. If they blow upwards, they will flip back down because there is nothing for them to hang up on.


Bunting: Pleated Full Fans      Printed stars and stripes

Heading/grommets on top

Model #


Size Price Each Price Each for 6 or more Price Each for 12 or more Price Each for 24 or more


Cotton Blend









Cotton Blend




$27.00 $22.00 $20.00
PFFS48 Cotton Blend 4x8' $61.50 $49.50 $42.00  



On this job I tied off the fans on to clamps I was able to set on to the window frames below the glass. You have to tie them off or they will blow on to the roof.

Bunting: Red/White and Blue


NO Stars

Pleated Full Fans With NO Stars


Heading/Grommets on top

Model # Material Size Price Each Price Each for 6 or more
PFF27 Nylon 27x54" $39.00 $35.00


Nylon 3'x6' $43.00 $41.00


Nylon 4'x8' $65.00 $59.00
Star Spangled Fan

18x36" Nylon Pleated Full Fan

Sewn Stripes, Dyed Stars, heading/grommets on top

Model # Each 6 or more 12 or more
PFFSP $24.00 $20.00 ea. $19.00 ea.






Custom Color Pleated Full Fans




Bunting: Americana Fans 3x6'


Pleated polycotton with fully printed stars and stripes. Great for floats

#AFAN $29 Each;

$26 Each for 6 or more




Model # Material Size Price Each
PHF33N Bunting: Pairs of Pleated Full Fans, Printed Stripes, No Stars: Nylon 3x3' (3x6' when displayed side by side as shown) $46.00, $42 each for 6 or more


Pulldowns, dyed nylon fabric with heading and grommets across the top.
Model #



Price Each

Price Each for 6 or more


Dyed Nylon 20"x8'




Dyed Nylon 20"x10'




Dyed Nylon 20"x12'



More photos from my days of decorating buildings. Pulldowns go great on columns.


USA Flag Strings

60' Long rope of 24 12x18" Plastic US flags;  Great Colors

Easy to use, just string them around, cut the rope as needed.

#USA60 $17.00 each

$14 each for 21 or more

$13 each for 51 or more

An easy job to do, but it looks like a million bucks!!!


USA Stars and Stripes WindsorkWarning: Kids found hanging around The Flag Guys are forced to work!


60" Stars & Stripes Pattern Wind Sock

$8.95 each

These items sold separately:

Shown with our aluminum 6'x 3/4" pole

#AP1 $16.50

This pole would fit

#WB4HE wall bracket $5.95

Plastic Table Skirts


13'x 29" but they stretch to 19' There is elastic in the top hem

  Model # Price Each  
#PTS1 American Print $14.95 Limited to stock on hand  
#PTS15 "Winner"