Page Title: Parade Flagpole Ornaments and Flagpole Toppers

Eagles for groundset flagpoles

Our brass plated flagpole tops attach to proper wooden poles with a ferrule. The price includes the ferrule.

THREAD SIZE IS 7/8" 14NC. For those of you who write in wanting to know about thread size, that is the answer. I don't understand thread measurements so don't ask me to explain them. But that is your answer.

CAUTION: Read this if you are trying to match ornaments with poles

The ferrule simply screws into the base of the ornament..........



..see what I mean?

The ornament simply fits down over a standard wooden parade pole that tapers down at the top to fit inside the base of the ornament's ferrule.

Gold eagle flagpole topper #7AE $59.00 Eagle Ornament 6.75x7" wingspan. With the round ferrule installed (that is the cylindrical fitting shown in the image in the first row above) the overall height tip to tip is 8 7/16"

chrome eagle flagpole topper
#7AEC Inquire as to availability Chrome Eagle Flagpole Topper, as above


More Eagles


Brass Army SpearClick to enlarge

#AS1 $73.00 Army Spear Ornament Brass Plated 8x3.5"

Chrome Army SpearClick to enlarge

#AS1C $77.00  Army Spear Ornament Silver Chrome Plated 8x3.5"



Round Spear

#RS2 $77.00 Brass Round Spear Flagpole Ornament 8"

chrome round spear flagpole ornament

#RS2C Chrome Round Spear Flagpole Ornament 8" (Inquire as to availability)

#AX1 Inquire as to availability Battle Axe Ornament 8.25" 

#ORNPB $59.50 Brass Parade Ball Ornament 3" dia.

chrome ball flagpole ornament

#ORNPBC Chrome Parade Ball Ornament 3" dia. (Inquire as to availability)

#ORNFS $66.00 Flat Spear Ornament 7.5x1.75"

#ORNFSC $67.00 Chrome Flat Spear Ornament 7.5x1.75"



Flagpole Award Rings


#CCP $61.00 Passion Cross Ornament 7.5x5"

#ORNBO $105.00 Botonee Cross 7.75" High

#ORNCA Inquire Cardinal Ornament 6.5x1.75"

#ORNBE $65.50 Bear Ornament 5.5"x2" Inquire as to availability

#ORNSD $68.00 Star of David Ornament 6.75x5.5"

#ORNML $71.00 Maple Leaf Ornament 6.75x4.5" 

#ORNEL Inquire Elk Ornament 4.5x4.75" with threaded spindle

If you need the elk supplied with the round ferrulle, order it separately:

#ORN90 $22.00


#ORNTX $68.00 Texas Star Ornament 6.75x4.25"


#BF $73.00 Brass Pointed Bottom Ferrule

#CBF $87.00 Chrome Pointed Ferrule

Both fit a 13/16" outside pole diameter and are 5.25" long 

#ARG $55.50 Award Ribbon, Streamer Pole Ring

Fits over pole at base of an ornament. Hang streamers from it. This is also a ring for hanging campaign ribbons. The Army spear pictured is sold separately & is not included in the pricing.

Also available in chrome: #ARS $51.00 Chrome Award Ribbon Pole

#HA $59.00 Brass Hook And Eye



Aluminum Pole Rings
Fits Pole Size Color Item # Price
1" Gold PR1G $5.75
1 1/8" Gold PR18G $5.85
1" Silver PR1S $5.95
1 1/8" Silver PR18S $6.10

 Flagpole eagle

 Aluminum Gold Eagle #7A $54.00 7" wingspan, 5 7/8" tall without the ferulle, 7 3/4" tall total height including the ferrule

Plastic Gold Eagle #7S $34.00 same dimensions as the #7A aluminum eagle

Aluminum Gold Eagle #5A $45 5" tall overall height

Flagpole eagle toppers Enlarge this image to see the #7A eagle flagpole topper on the left and the #5A flagpole topper on the right



ealge flagpole topper

Plastic Classic Gold #7C $29.00

Plastic Classic Silver #7C $28.00

Both approximately 8.5" tall


Eagle flagpole topper

Aluminum Gold Eagle #DT695 $59

Approximate height: 6 5/8" from the bottom of the ferrule to the top or the eagle's head; 6.25" wingspan

This eagle has a threaded rod mounted on its base. Some metal poles have a threaded hole at the top to accept this rod.

The eagle comes screwed into the spacer that mounts on top of the ferulle


The spacer in turn screws into the ferulle.


The ferulle is used to mount the eagle onto the top of a wooden pole as shown at the top of this page.

Ferrule inside diameter is 7/8"



Attaching brass plated flagpole ornaments to aluminum parade flagpoles is another matter. There are various systems used and they are not all compatible. The brass ornaments shown above have female threaded openings at their base. As shown above, you can screw them down on to their ferrule, OR you can screw them down onto the male threaded tops of our aluminum parade flagpoles......................

Male threaded top of our standard aluminum parade flagpoles.

If using our ornaments with your poles, be sure the top of your pole looks like this............

There you go.

Do your poles not look like this? I can helpTHREAD SIZE IS 7/8" 14NC. For those of you who write in wanting to know about thread size, that is the answer. I don't understand thread measurements so don't ask me to explain them. But that is your answer.


Other ornaments "slip fit"  

 Slip Fit Vinyl Ball  

Item # Fits over outside pole dia. Price
VBS1516 15/16" $2.75
VBS1 1" $2.95
VBS138 1 3/8" $3.95
VBS150 1 1/2" $4.20
VBS158 1 5/8" $4.75
VBS175 1.75" $10.95

Acorn Ornament

Brass 1" #AC1 $11.95 Solid brass acorn end. Fits over a 1" diameter pole. Acorn is 2 3/8" tall by 2" wide.

Plastic 1" #AC1P $4.00, same size as above but done in plastic

Brass 3/4" #AC3 $8.85 Fits over a 3/4" diameter pole. The acorn is 2" tall by 1.5" wide

Plastic 3/4" #AC3P $3.75 Same size as above but done in plastic

Plastic 1" #AC1SP $4.25 Silver plastic corn end. Fits over a 1" diameter pole. Acorn is 2 3/8" tall by 2" wide.









flagpole ball

#GOLDBALL $2.75 Plastic, kind of rubberized thick feeling ball that slips over a 1" diameter pole. The ball itself is 1 3/8" high by about 1 5/8" diameter. Weathers better than a wood ball, but lacks a wood ball's classic appeal.

flagpole eagleClick to enlarge

ORNPA $3.95 Slip Fit Plastic Eagle 2.25" Tall, 5.25" wingspan. It has a hole in the front to accept a string or cable tie for attaching a flag. Fits inside our 3/4" aluminum pole. It is not possible to measure closely enough to determine if it will fit the inside diameter of your pole. If it is a bit loose, wrap some electrical tape around the plug. It it is too tight, shave some plastic off the plug

#ORNPE $4.95 Slip Fit Plastic Eagle 3.75" tall, 4.25" wingspan. Fits inside our standard 3/4" aluminum pole; Limited to stock on hand

#WOODBALL $3.50  Slip Fit Wooden Ball; 2.25x1.75", fits over pole dia 15/16" or 1".  




CAUTION: Not all ornaments fit all poles. If we sell you a pole, we sell the correct ornament. Our parade ornaments fit over the top of all proper wood parade poles which are turned down at the top to accept a proper parade ornament. Not all wood poles are proper parade poles.

Lesser wood poles such as front porch type are not designed to accept the types of ornaments shown on this page

Aluminum poles are yet another story. Some poles require an ornament to fit inside. Some have a threaded male plug inserted in the top which accept the female threads at the ornament's base. The metal ornaments shown here have a removable bottom ferrule that exposes female threads. Some aluminum poles require the ornament's cylindrical base to insert inside the pole. Different pole systems use different threads. Especially if the poles are old or from a company no longer in business, they will not accept just any ornament.

No matter where you got your poles, we will likely have an ornament to fit it among others that are not shown here.

Take a digital picture of your pole top or of other ornaments that are known to fit it and email them to me. With some 25 years experience, if I see what you have I can likely identify what you need.

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