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Flag Carry Belts The pole rests in the cup-like pocket

"Double" belts are way more comfortable and give you more control over the pole and flag because they distribute the weight and force over your shoulders and across your back. They are best for frequent outdoor use and for long parade routes. A long parade on a hot or windy day and you'll likely wish you had a double rather than a single belt.

"Single" belts simply hang all the force and weight around your neck like a necklace. They are best for indoor, short duration or budget situations

Shown left is a Double Web Belt, right is a Single Web Belt

Web Flag Carry Belts

Web material looks a bit like seat belt fabric, but it is softer and has a more cotton appearance.

Item #




Double White Belt



Single White Belt





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Double Black Belt






Leather Flag Carry Belts


Item #




Double Leather White



Double Leather Black



Double Leather Tan



Single Leather White


#SLB Single Leather Black $86.00
#SLT Single Leather Tan $89.00



Flag Carry Case #RC4 $42.00

CLEARANCE: $29.00 EACH FOR TWO OR MORE plus shipping/handling based your address

Limited to stock on hand

 Protect your mounted flag sets from dirt and other hazards during transport. Don't break your eagle's wing going into a car or through a door. Rugged vinyl material, color may vary. Universal 9x66" size fits 3x5', 4x6' & 4.5' x 5.5' outfits on two piece 8' or 9' poles. It also serves as a flag rain cover to keep your flags dry during storage.


The color of this flag carry case has changed. It is no longer blue, it is a light tan putty color 

Mounted Sets

The most common combination is an 8' pole with a 3x5' flag

Highly Polished Oak Finish Parade Flagpole With Brass Finish Metal Screw Joint

Model # Length Rec Flag Size Dia." Price
WP61 6' 2x3' 1" $79.00

Due to UPS oversize carton requirements, add $19.00 per order, not $19.00 per pole, for orders that include any of the three poles below.


WP71 7' 3x5' 1.25" $92.00
WP84 8' 3x5' 1.25 $96.00
WP94 9' 4x6' 1.25 $109.00

Flagpole Ornaments Sold Separately


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Aluminum two piece parade poles

Pole includes:

  • Threaded top ornament adapter, cord & tassel ring, flag rings for sleeved flags and capped bottom

  • Two piece poles have a precision machined solid brass screw joint

  • Available in shiny bright-dipped gold anodized or silver anodized finish


Model Length Diameter Price
P-47G 8' 1 1/8" $120.00
P-48G 9' 1 1/8" $129.00


P-47S 8' 1 1/8" $119.00
P-48S 9' 1 1/8" $128.00
Flagpole Ornaments Sold Separately

Due to UPS oversize carton requirements, add $19.00 per order, not $19.00 per pole, for orders that include any of these aluminum poles.


Collapsible Flagpole

Collapsible Aluminum Parade Pole #AP67 $98.00

5'2" - 10'  1 1/8" Diameter

Adjustable flagpole collapses to 5' 2" with flag still attached, allowing for easy transport and storage. Pole adjusts to any height between 5'2" and 10' using a tool-free twist-lock setting. Comes with ornamental threaded top adapter, cord & tassel ring, flag rings and capped bottom. Available in shiny gold anodized finish only.

Price does not include a flag or ornament. Flagpole Ornaments Sold Separately Here

Intended for parade use only; not for use in floor stands

Due to UPS oversize carton requirements, add $22.00 per order, not $22.00 per pole, for orders that includes this aluminum pole.


Flagpole floor stand

Endura"TM Flag Floor Stand  

#FS1 $91.00 GOLD

#FS12 $101.00 SILVER

Accepts a 1.25" pole

Matte Gold Anodized Aluminum Shell over weighted solid inner core filled with concrete.

12" Diameter, 11 lbs

Height is 5.5"

American Flag Floor Stand Sets


Chrome Floor Stand

#FS6 $428

Accepts a 1.25" pole

This is a very rich and special floor stand. Very heavy. 15lbs of solid iron plated with beautiful chrome. Unique design pattern. Our most upscale floor stand for very special settings

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floor stand

Yesteryear Floor Stand  #FS2 $57.00

Accepts a 1" pole

Durable cast iron flag stand with a gilt finish.

Approx 5 lbs, 9" base


Folding Flag Stand


Folding Floor Stand #FS3 $45.00

Made of string, durable polymer plastic. When folded it measurers only 24" x 21/8". Rich dark brown color to compliment any decor. Supplied with adapter sleeves to accept various pole diameters: 1", 11/8", 11/4"


flagpole floor stand


Regent Floor Stand #FS5G GOLD $73.00

Regent Floor Stand #FS5S SILVER $74.00

This floor stand is supplied empty: You fill it with sand for weight through the access port underneath. Purchase sand at any hardware store.

Includes adapter sleeves to accept a 1", 11/8" and 11/4" pole

flagpole floor stand

Classic Beauty Flag Floor Stand  #FS3 $109.00

Accepts a 1.25" pole but it will accept the pointed end of our guidon pole staff if you use the guidon pole bottom ferrule adapter sold separately above.

Big Advantage: If it gets banged up, just get a can of gold spray paint and make it look like new. Terrific feature for a stand that will be in a high activity situation such as a high school band room, high school auditorium or busy public lobby.

 No more need for sand filled bases that can crack with rough handling and make a mess. 12" Diameter, 17 lbs


brass flagpole award ribbon ring

chrome award ribbon flagpole ring

Award Ribbon, Streamer Pole Ring,

Gold #ARG Regularly $56.00 CLEARANCE: $27.00 LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

Chrome: #ARS Regularly $51.00 CLEARANCE: $19.95.00 LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

Fits over pole at base of an ornament. Hang streamers from it. This is also a ring for hanging campaign ribbons

The Army spear pictured is sold separately & is not included in the pricing.



Flagpole Ornaments


Cord and Tassel Sets: Tassel and Cord lengths are approximate






CT5 Included in our #35SET Mounted Set















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Red Cord and Tassel Set 5" tassel, 9' cord #CT5RE $5.95 Closeout


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