Set is shown using the flag spreader

Look how much nicer your flag kit will look if you use a spreader:



Here is what your flag would look like if I did not iron it before building your set

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Your flag will NOT look like this one. I iron your flag before I mount it. This is how a flag looks right out of the box. Sure it is an extra effort to iron your flag but would you want it looking like this on display? I iron it, mount it, and then it ships rolled not folded.


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Page Title: Complete Mounted USA Sets      

American Flag Sets

Two Levels of Quality To Pick From: Deluxe Package and Budget

Deluxe Package:

I do not use plastic ornaments or a plastic base filled with sand that spills out and makes a mess if the stand gets cracked. I use brass plated metal ornaments and a concrete filled gold anodized aluminum sell. Plus, before building the set, I iron the flag to flatten out the folds that all flags have from the factory packaging.

Supplied nation wide: Schools Industry Government Bank Lobbies Veterans Houses of Worship Fire Companies Clubs Military

Terrific Beauty and Rich Appearance. Glowing nylon with lustrous embroidered stars. 

Flag finished with sleeve (no unsightly grommets or canvas) and gold fringe.

Convenient. Comes to you fully mounted with everything you need. Just screw the pole halves together and pluck the set into the stand.   Versatile. Can double for parade duty. The two piece pole unscrews and breaks down.                                     

Complete Set Includes A Flag And Mountings

Standard hardware mountings include:

Gold Eagle is brass plated aluminum (other companies supply plastic eagles)

Golden Cord & Tassel

8'x11/4" Dark Walnut Finish Hardwood Jointed Pole

Matte Gold Finish Endura Floor Stand. (Other companies supply plastic stands)

Check your ceiling clearance. With the floor stand and the eagle, you need extra height to set these up

Model #

Price With Flag

Package Deal: Treat yourself. Add the spreader

Flag Size

Pole Size

Ceiling Clearance Needed

Price For Mountings ONLY supplied with NO Flag





8'x 1.25"

Almost 9' 

Model #35MTG $285.00





9'x 1.25"

Almost 10'

Model #46MTG $291.00

If we are shipping these sets to you ADD $22 extra shipping/handling to the normal costs shown in the chart on our order form due to UPS oversize carton charges

State Flag Sets: To order a matching state set, order the "Mountings ONLY" from the chart above, then pick out the state flag from the chart on the state flag page


We have one only of this very cool chrome stand: We'll swap it for the standard stand for an additional $48.00 plus shipping which we will quote based on an actual and verifiable address.

Click to see a one of a kind chrome floor stand upgrade


Want to step it up a notch?




Flag Carry Case

Vinyl Rain Cover #RC4 $42.00

 Protect your mounted flag sets from dirt and other hazards during transport. Don't break your eagle's wing going into a car or through a door. Rugged vinyl material, color may vary. Universal 9x66" size fits 3x5', 4x6' & 4.5' x 5.5' outfits on two piece 8' or 9' poles



                  Fringed Flags Alone, NO hardware

Fringed Nylon Parade/Indoor Flags Supplied With Sleeve & Gold Fringe


Model #










4 1/3x 5 1/2' (This is a fairly unusual size. Be careful. It will likely NOT match your other flags.)


Want to step it up to the top level?

Then I want you to see the most beautiful and luxurious American flag I know. I consider this flag to be heirloom quality. It is NOT to be used in a parade nor is it to be gotten wet because it may stain. It is beyond beautiful but it is delicate. For most everyday uses, pick the more appropriately suited nylon flags above. The virtue of this flag is its heightened beauty and the luxury of its fabric. For that however, it is very delicate.

This is the flag you give your daughter when she graduates from West Point. Go ahead and have it there for the personal photo op they give each family. This is the flag you give your son for his office when he is elected District Attorney. This is the flag you treat yourself to for your den when you retire from the military,  when you get that first star, or when you get that corner office. This is the flag to mark one of life's singular events or to keep in your important personal space. Then one day, it becomes the flag that gets passed down.

I have tried with my poor photographic skill to capture the unique and lovely texture of this fabric. I have failed but I post the images any way because they do give you something of an idea.

Bemberg Rayon is a fabric most people have never seen and it has almost disappeared entirely from the flag marketplace. Twenty-five years ago there must have been three or four companies still offering this flag fabric. Not any more. It has a warm classy look and feel. It's colors are rich but not bright and shiny like nylon. The hues have an understated elegance that some how are very classy and stately.

I bet you a nickel it is unlike any flag you have seen. Made in USA, of course. I can tell you after over 25 years in this business, I know of no finer American flag.

We have only one in stock. Due to supply chain disruptions availability may be limited

Here you will see the other distinctive feature of this flag: the chiseled star Bemberg Rayon Fabric

All are finished with a sleeve and gold fringe

The price in this column is for the flag alone. You may also order it as a mounted set like those at the top of this page. To do so, order this flag as a separate item and then order "Mountings ONLY supplied with NO Flag" from the chart above. Combine the two prices and we will supply this flag as a mounted set.

Model #


Price For Flag Alone

#BEM 3x5' $314.00


Make  Your Mounted Set Stand Out With a Flag Spreader. Have a nice fully displayed flag. A flag spreader is particularly important for flags whose images are difficult to see when the flags are not flying and fully extended. State flags, military flags and corporate flags are prime examples.

Flag Spreader

Item # Each 2-5 6+ 12+  
SPR $31.00 $24.00 Each $23 Each $22 Each  
The flag in this picture was clamped from behind using our spreader as seen in the other pictures.

Here is how our spreader looks from behind.

Clamp the spreader to the back of the pole.

Use the clips at the end of each arm to grab a small piece of material


Budget American Flag Mounted Set #BSET

Budget Mounted Set #BSET $133.00 PLUS shipping/handling which must be quoted based on an actual physical street address

Complete American Mounted Set For The Budget-Conscious

Suitable for Auditorium, Scouts, Parades, Office, School, Clubs

Complete American Flag Set Includes:

  • Nylon American Flag with canvas heading and brass grommets

  • Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes

  • Approx 8'x1" Aluminum Pole

  • Two EZ Mount Rings to attach flag EZ Mount Rings

  • Plastic Eagle

  • Yesteryear Victorian Cast Iron Floor Stand

PRE-MOUNTED on Two Piece 8'x1" silver aluminum pole w/ slip joint & plastic eagle top. Golden cast iron "Yesteryear" Floor Stand.

Have your own 3x5' grommeted flag?

 Mountings ONLY with NO flag:

Model #BMTG $91.00 Meant for a 3x5' grommeted flag that you supply: FLAG NOT INCLUDED.  you will get everything shown in the standard mountings above EXCEPT the flag

PLUS shipping/handling which must be quoted based on an actual physical street address

Yesteryear Victorian Floor Stand


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