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Army mounted flag set with floor stand for parade or indoor use in office, lobby, stage or auditorium.


Army Grave Markers

 8th Air Force Flag              Troop Support Items

Army Stick Flags, Army Hand Held Flags

Army Hand Held Flags



Silk screened nylon US Army Flags, Made in USA


Outdoor rugged acid dyed nylon design finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. United States Army Flags Made in USA

12x18" 2x3' 3x5' 4x6' 5x8' 6x10'
$18.95 $34.25 $49.95 $89.00 $122.00 $229.00

Buy ONE 3x5' Size at the regular price of $47.95 and get as many more as you like for $22.00 each

Parade Flags: Rugged outdoor nylon finished with a sleeve instead of heading and grommets. "Single/Reverse design reads correct on one side and image is seen backwards on the other. Made in USA

3x5' 4x6'
$87.95 finished with gold fringe $138.00 finished with gold fringe



Made in USA

Your best choice for durability and color retention; more rugged than nylon

Dyed design finished with canvas heading and grommets

3x5' $76.00       4x6' $115.00


Outdoor lighter weight polyester finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. United States Army Flag:


#MILAR3P 3x5' Each Price ea for 3 or more  
$24.50 $15.00  

Army Chaplain Flag

Army Chaplain Flag

2x3' SEWN design on rugged outdoor nylon

The sewn cross is on both sides

#ACH23 $89.00 This is a made to order item. We can not accommodate a deadline with this flag

See my tribute to all Chaplains


Army Stick Flags, Army Hand Held Flags

Army Hand Held Flags


82nd Airborne Flag 3x5' Polyester

#MILP4 $29.95 each;



United States Army Retired Flag

 #ARN $48.00 3x5' Nylon


United States Army Officer Flags

101st Airborne Flag 3x5' Polyester

#MILP5 $29.95

Airborne Pin

101st Airborne Lapel Pin

#R1543 $3.00 (CLOSEOUT LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND) Approx   .75 x 1"


1st Cavalry Flag 3x5' Polyester

#MILP6  #MILP5 $29.95 each;  CLEARANCE: $9.95 limited to stock on hand



Army Forces Desk Flags

Army National Guard Flag

3x5' Nylon With Heading and Grommets       #ARNG $39.50

This flag contains FIVE colors!

The flag photographed at left is right out of the package. The fold marks come out when you fly it.

Click for National Guard Grave Markers

The National Guard

The Guard birthday is December 13, 1636 when legislation was passed authorizing the force. Back then, a soldier might drop his plow and run to the village square. Today he may board a Galaxy and fly across continents.

America's citizen soldiers have answered her call since before there even was a United States of America. At 373 years old, The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces.


High Quality wholesale military ribbon magnets Made in USA.  

37/8" wide x 8" tall 

Thank You National Guard Magnet #MAGTYG

CLOSEOUT $1.49 each

$.99 for three or more

Blue Star Service Banner. For display by immediate family members of a person serving in the armed forces during a period of war. The service member need not be overseas.


Plastic Army Flags

4x6" Plastic Flags on 10" Spear Tip Staff


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