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AT LAST: The best quality First National Confederate stick flags you've ever seen.

12x18" flag stapled on a 3/8"x30" dowel with wooden spear tip


first national flag


I couldn't take it any more. After years of relying on disappointing imported 1st National stick flags from distributors, I just went out and had a big batch made for myself to the same specifications used for the best flags we supply to veterans and governments for Memorial Day. Take a look at my photo essay below. Compare the flags and you will see what I mean.

#SPH112L 12x18" Cotton First National Confederate Stick Flag

Each for a 3 flag minimum Ea for 12 or more Gross (144 flags)
$7.00 per flag $5.00 per flag $280 per gross
Broken grosses take the dozen price





My Pet Peeves About Imported Confederate Stick Flags


I just couldn't stand it any more! First of all, most of the time the 1st National stick flags we could get from importers were on the 24" stick like the short flag on the right. Our proper 30" stick is on the left.

A 12x18" flag on a 24" staff is a problem if you intend to stick the flag in the ground

Here is the problem with a 24" staff. You have to stick the flag in the ground a few inches anyway. Say my finger represents the ground level with the stick about 3" in the ground. See how long that flag drapes down? The flag would be touching and laying on the ground if the wind is not blowing.



Sleeved import on the left, my stapled 1st National on the right.

The next thing I couldn't stand any more is how they were mounting the imported flag. Years ago, at least we could count on a nice stapled flag. Then they began sleeving them. I guess they figured out it was cheaper to sleeve them. Trouble is, the flag slips down the staff!! Oh sure, they're glued at the top of the sleeve. Yeah right, and pigs fly.

That is my new 1st National flag on the right. It is fully stapled with FOUR staples along the edge. Notice also my First National is hemmed on all four edges. PLUS, look at that nice generous wooden gilt spear tip compared to the plastic imported tip.





Thin stick import on the right, my thick stick 1st National on the left

Next pet peeve: Skinny sticks. The usual imported 1st National stick flag has a 5/16" staff like the one shown on the right. I wanted to solve that situation so I had mine made with the the full 3/8" x 30" thick stick just like the best ones we supply to veterans groups for Memorial day.


















Check out the beautiful rich cotton blend fabric, stitched on all four sides

These are the most beautiful 1st National Cotton Stick flags you will ever see.



1st national flag

Another shot of the nice four-staple job, thick 3/8" stick and big wooden tip


Sleeved import on the left, my high quality job on the right



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