Page Title: The Gadsden Flag

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One of Several Don't Tread On Me Flags        

Long a favorite of Revolutionary War History Buffs 

The Gadsden Flag: A Symbol Since 1776 when it was given given by Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina to Esek Hopkins the, first commander in chief of the continental navy, who used it as his personal flag. In modern times it became popular with The Tea Party beginning in 2009. Many people mistakenly believe that this flag first came into existence then and incorrectly refer to it as "The Tea Party Flag."

The message to the British was unmistakable. This has always been the most recognizable of the different colonial snake flags.


Don't Tread On Me Flag

Don't Tread On Me Flag

Rugged dyed outdoor nylon MADE IN USA;

Finished with canvas heading & brass grommet

Our finest quality. The best graphic and the heaviest duty. More stitching, heaver canvas heading. Worlds better than the Chinese import
2x3'#H1402 $29.00
3x5' #H140N


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4x6' #H1404 $69.00
5x8' #H1405 $104.00
6x10'#H1406 $185.00

Finished with heading & grommets

Light weight polyester made in China. Not as nice as the US Made flag, but a good value when cost is important.

   3x5' #CFGAD


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Don't Tread On Me Flag Stickers

Don't Tread On Me sticker showing the Gadsden Flag

Self adhesive vinyl with adhesive back:peel and stick

Approx 3 1/4x 5"


$2.00 Each

$.99 each for three or more

$.79 each for 12 or more