Page Title: Irish Flags: Four Provinces of Ireland 3x5'

Irish Flag

Ireland Stick Flag 12x18" on 30" Dowel

#SPHIR12 $7.00 Each, minimum of three flags if they are to be shipped

CLEARANCE: $29.95 per dozen Limited to stock on hand




Flag of Munster

Flag of Munster #I107M-3H $49 CLEARANCE $19.95


Flag of Connacht

Flag of Connacht #I107C-3H $49 CLEARANCE $19.95


Flag of Ulster

Four Provinces of Ireland Flag

Flag of Ulster #I107U-3H $49 CLEARANCE $19.95

Four Provinces of Ireland Flag #I1074-3H $69.00 Inquire about availability


Take any three of Munster, Connach and Ulster for $13.95 each

Leinster is also available: $69.00

Provinces of Ireland 3x5'


100% Nylon with heading and grommets. These are not the light weight Chinese imports.

brightly screen dyed designs



Irish Flag 3x5' Outdoor Nylon, Made in USA, Finished with canvas heading and brass grommets, sewn stripes

 #I107-3H $34.00 Each

QUANTITY DEAL: Buy one Irish Flag at $34.00 each and get as many additional Irish Flags as you want for $21.00 each

Ireland Outdoor Flag Prices

Price Code "A": See other sizes and  prices here

Irish Brigade Flags

Irish Brigade Flags




Irish Desk Flags