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Aluminum 20' flagpole kits

Can I add an extra flag?

Can my flagpole break?

Comparing Flagpoles

Installation Instructions

Plus, it is not just height that makes a flagpole pleasing and impressive it is also its mass. Of two 20' poles side by side, which one above looks nicest?

Quality. That's what folks look for when deciding upon a flagpole set to proudly fly the flag year-round.

A great value: This kit includes:

  • 3' X 5' nylon U.S. Flag - embroidered stars, double stitched sewn stripes and white canvas heading with brass grommets.
  • aluminum pole with satin anodized finish. Cannot rust! Lots of other home pole sets are white steel. They always rust and there is nothing you can do about it. They get to look pretty disappointing with time.
  • 3" gold anodized non rusting aluminum ball (many home pole sets have just a little rubber or vinyl ball up top). Our set comes with the same ball that comes on a $500 commercial pole.
  • Cast aluminum cleat (APF20F), heavier nylon cleat for AFP20FHD and AFP25F
  • halyard
  • Two nylon snap hooks for attaching flag
  • Ground sleeve
  • cast aluminum "truck" that houses the nylon pulley. (How many trucks on an army base? Only one. It's on the flagpole. All those other things are vehicles.)
  • Installation Instructions included. Check out how simple the installation is: The pole comes with a sleeve that you concrete into the ground. After it sets up, the pole simply fits into the sleeve. Pole sections and parts simply fit together. No drilling needed. All you need is a screw driver.

The Flag alone is a $39.95 value!! We sell it over the counter for $39.95

But take a look at the complete flagpole kit prices in three sizes

Model # Ht Above ground Wall thickness Depth in ground Price includes 3x5' nylon flag
#AFP 20F

2" Diameter

20' .049" 18" $149.00; two for $242! (plus $31.95 each shipping/handling unless you pick them up in my shop)
#AFP 20FHD beefier version with 4" ball

2.5" diameter PLUS a thicker wall

20' .070"   $268.00      BUDDY DEAL:  two for $399! (plus $41.90 each shipping/handling unless you pick them up in my shop)

Why is this flagpole the best choice for strength? Look at the two flagpole sections below.  

Why is this pole your best choice and well worth it?

I think you can see the answer right in this image. The 21/2" diameter flagpole AFP20FHD on the right also has a 42.9% thicker wall than the 2" AFP20F pole on the left.

Compare the wall thicknesses.

If you are local to us just walk into my shop and hold each section in your hand. You immediately feel the extra weight of the larger pole.

Treat yourself. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. A flagpole is not something you buy every year. Say you spend an extra hundred bucks on a flagpole and enjoy it for twenty years. It costs you an extra five dollars a year to do it nicer. It looks way more impressive, is far stronger and you'll find it much more satisfying to own. This is not the typical flagpole that everyone has.


#AFP 25F 25' .070" 30" $312.00 includes 3x5' nylon flag
The AFP 25F 25' version comes with these heftier specifications: 2.5" diameter pole,   4" Gold anodized aluminum ball,   Upsized 2.5" truck with pulley, Upsized ground sleeve

All American flag flagpole kits are exempt from NY State sales tax

By the way...Treat yourself to this  Optional Flash Collar. Unless bushes will hide the base of your pole, a flash collar is well worth it no matter which pole you get. After all, given the expense and the effort of installing your pole, a few extra bucks to give it that nice finished look is quite satisfying

for Flagpole #AFP 20F:order collar #FCH $32.00

for Flagpole  #AFP 20FHD or #AFP 25F :order collar #FCH25 $33.00

Dress up your flag pole display with a decorative flash collar. This contoured anodized aluminum decorative collar will give your display a finished look. This is an ornamental device usually seen on professional installations. Not needed for the structural integrity of your pole, it provides the "icing on the cake."

A nice simple flagpole kit


Eagles for Ground Set Flagpoles


  Snaphooks attach flags to rope. Just like shoe laces, sooner or later one will pop. When you do, you will want to have one or two in a drawer.

How To Rig A Snap Hook

Nylon Snaphooks #MIN $2.95 You might find it convenient to have extra snap hooks in reserve anyway in case you break or loose one.  Ordering them later by themselves is expensive with the shipping/handling. So add and extra $3.40 to your order and tell us to include two extra Minuteman snap hooks

This is the snaphook that is supplied with all the poles on this page

Things to consider when purchasing a home flagpole:

Cheaper poles, especially if they are white, are usually steel. These invariably start to rust. Sometimes rather quickly. You can never really stop it. Even if you took hours to grind down the rust spots to bare metal, primed them and then repainted the whole thing it would rust again. Our Aluminum poles cannot rust.

Many home poles come with a little vinyl ball for an ornament. Our poles come with a very impressive actual spun aluminum, gold anodized flagpole ball. It's the same ornament that comes on our poles costing $500 and up

Many home poles come with less than hefty hardware. Skinny rope, tiny cleat. Often the pulley is a simple steel (rustable) pulley that hangs on a steel through-bolt. Our pole is capped with a hefty cast aluminum truck assembly with pulley.

These poles come broken down and fit in a car. Put it this way, they have fit in every car we've loaded them into for folks here at our store.

They make great gifts for the holiday season, Father's day and Dad's birthday.

"Hey Al, Can I add a second flag to my pole?" Well, yes you can, BUT..... we always tell you what a pole is meant to take. ANY pole can be damaged if you overload it or if the weather conditions over tax it. When people ask me in my shop if their pole can break I tell them "absolutely". The wind is out there that can kill any flagpole. When will that wind come? I don't know. If truck axles can break and bridges carrying interstate highways can fall down, so can your pole and even your house for that matter. So, if you put the stress of a second flag on your pole, do it with your eyes wide open and take common sense precautions:

1) The most important thing you can do is keep your display appropriate for the conditions. Knowing your pole is overloaded, remove the flags during storms or windy conditions. Keep in mind that rain and ice make your flags heavier and therefore stress your pole more. In fact, removing even a single normal size flag is a good idea when bad storms are predicted.

2) Consider keeping the sizes small. If your pole is meant for a 3x5', consider making the second flag 2x3' or even both flags 2x3'

3) Consider sticking with nylon flags instead of the much heavier cotton or polyester. Those materials also soak up water, which increases their weight even more. Nylon is lightweight to begin with and sheds water quickly.

4) Interment flags that cover caskets have great sentimental value. But their large 5x 9.5' size make them way too large for these poles. The best way to display these flags is to get a triangle shaped display case and keep them as a memento. We have such cases in our catalog and on our web site: Display Cases Or, on special occasions, simply hang them vertically without a pole from a porch or against a wall.

All that having been said, many folks add a second flag. We're here to tell you what the pole is meant to have on it. If you are going to do it, you need to order an extra pair of snap hooks. The snaps that come with these poles are "Minuteman" snap hooks, and cost $1.75 each. So add and extra $3.50 to your order and tell us to include two Minuteman snap hooks. You might find it convenient to have extra snap hooks in reserve anyway in case you break or loose one.

The good news is that if a section does break, and out of all the poles we sell, this happens only about two or three times a year, you can purchase a replacement section. Try going back to a big chain store and buying only one piece of a flagpole! Jeepers creepers, I get people here in the shop act like I'm ripping them off when they ask me if the pole I'm selling them can break and I tell them "Yes, even a $5,000 car dealer type pole can break." One guy said just last week, "well, I've been looking at poles all over and no one else told me they can break." I told him, "well, no one else has been giving you honest information."

Can you name ANYTHING in life that can't break?

Don't assume our sections will fit your pole. They all look alike but manufacturer's sections do not always interchange due to the way they make the tapered end. And with time, manufacturer's sections can even change. Hopefully you saved some paperwork or packaging from your pole so we can ask you questions and try to figure out where it came from. Or, see if the store where you got it can tell you. NEVER EVER buy a section just to make your pole taller.   FLAGPOLE SECTIONS ARE  NOT RETURNABLE


Replacement Sections

Replacement Ground Sleeves in case you need to move your pole.

#SECV56 $39.00 2" x 56" For our model #AFP20F

#APS20 $9.95 (it's a 2"x18" piece of PVC)

#SEC5925 $44.00 2.5" x 59" For our pole models   #AFP 20FHD and #AFP25F

#APS25 $18.50 (This sleeve requires adding $5.00 extra to be added to the amount shown on our shipping/handling chart)

DO NOT purchase a section to make your pole longer!! Doing so will make it weaker. If ordering a replacement section, specify which section you want. No one has ever needed the top section but I suppose there is a first time for everything. Top sections are fat on both ends. Other sections are fat on one end, skinny on the other end. These are what we call "swedged" sections. Unless you specify, we automatically send a swedged section. Replacement sections do NOT have holes drilled in them for a cleat



#RT20F, 20'Aluminum Pole

It is Sectional, Yet Tapered! It is just so beautifully proportioned.

The photo at left shows the comparison between the thicker RT20F and the AFP20F

#RT20F $335;  Buddy Deal #FC3 Flash Collar, $40

The RT20F kit includes:

3' X 5' nylon U.S. Flag - embroidered stars, double stitched sewn stripes with white canvas heading and brass grommets.

3" Butt diameter tapers to 2" top This pole is more attractive due to its larger diameter and taper, but for strength pick the          #AFP 20FHD shown above.

Silver Anodized sections slip together for a smooth tapered appearance

20' Exposed Height, 30" in the ground

3" gold aluminum ball

Cast Aluminum Truck housing with pulley

Halyard & Snaphooks

Cleat w/ screws

30" Ground Sleeve.

Comes w/ easy instructions.

Can I add an extra flag?

No Need For Big Freight Costs Via Truck Lines: Easy delivery via UPS.
Shipping / Handling is additional. See the chart on our order form. Click the ordering information here:
See ordering information.

Got a Buddy? Then we have a Buddy deal for you both. Get your best buddy to get one with you and we'll give you BOTH a deal. If you and your buddy both get a pole at the same time, we will give you both a discount. Buy TWO or poles at once and the price on the RT20F is only $249 EACH.

We will even ship them to different places.

They need to be ordered at the same time on one order, BUT they can ship to different places. Shipping/Handling is $45.90 PER POLE

Great idea for a Father and Son project

Want something just a tad more out of the ordinary? Finish off your display with this special Trumpet Flash Collar. It has a higher, almost 5" tall shaped profile than more common collars. Approximately 16" overall diameter.

 #FC3T $89 Trumpet Flash Collar, Clear anodized. This flash collar is a special order. But it is easily added to your flagpole installation after the pole is installed. Just lift your pole out of the ground sleeve, place the collar over the hole, and insert the pole back in.

Replacement Sections: DO NOT purchase a section to make your pole longer!! Doing so will make it weaker. If ordering a replacement section, specify which section you want. REPLACEMENT SECTIONS ARE NOT RETURNABLE


Bottom Section #RT20S1 $60.00

3" diameter

2nd from bottom, drilled for cleat (not included) #RT20S2 $61.00

3" diameter

3rd from bottom #RT20S3 $61.50

2 5/8" diameter

4th from bottom #RT20S4 $62.00

2 1/4" diameter

Top section #RT20S5 $62.50

2" diameter

Replacement Ground Sleeve: #RT20GS $19.00 The ground sleeve is merely a 3" inside diameter x 20" piece of PVC. You can just use your own. But it needs to be an exact fit. When we break a set to supply you with one, we need to buy an actual replacement component and they are costly.


Installation Instructions For The 20' or 25' Lawn Flagpoles Shown On This Page

Your new Lawn Flagpole is of anodized, all-aluminum construction, and will require no further care or maintenance after installation.

INSTALLATION: Prepare a hole in the ground about 12-18"" in diameter. The size of the hole will always need to depend on local soil conditions. Putting your pole up on a beach or in a desert full of sand? Better make a more giant hole. Make the hole about 4" deeper than the length of the ground sleeve. Some printed instructions call for making the hole even 8" deeper than the "setting tube" (ground sleeve.) Printed instructions sometimes call for filling the bottom with layers of gravel and sand to a depth of 6". I always preferred to use just gravel. Place the PVC ground sleeve that we supply with your pole into the hole, and work the bottom into the gravel/sand. Plumb and brace tube, then pour concrete into hole around tube to within 1/2" of top of the sleeve. Be careful to keep inside of tube clean and free of concrete. Re-plumb ground sleeve before the concrete sets, by temporarily inserting the bottom section of the pole and plumbing it with a level. Allow concrete to cure at least 24-48 hours before installing flagpole

This diagram shows the technique described above. I have personally always preferred to skip the sand and just use gravel.

SNAP HOOKS: This diagram shows the snap hooks being tied on to the rope. I like this way better:

How To Rig A Snap Hook


ASSEMBLY: Slide sections together, with the swedged ends extending upwards into the next section. The top section will always be the unswedged section. The second section from the bottom will always be a swedged section drilled for the cleat. The remaining sections complete the flagpole. Attach the cleat using the self-tapping screws supplied.

Screw the ball-stem tightly into the top of the truck. Thread the rope halyard over the pulley in the truck and loop each snap hook into place about mid-rope. Do not use knots. Fasten truck to pole, using a screw driver to tighten the set-screws. Make certain that pulley in truck is aligned over cleat.

If optional flash collar is supplied, slide collar on bottom of pole and temporarily tape it to the pole below the cleat. Slide bottom of assembled sections into PVC setting tube, aligning truck and cleat in the desired direction. Drop collar down upon foundation.  Adjust distance between flag snaps to fit the size flag being flown. Attach flag to flag snaps, tie-off halyard on cleat.

CAUTION: Extreme caution should be exercised when installing flagpoles near overhead power lines or in the vicinity of buried cables.

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