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USA Desk Flag Special Deal


American Desk Flags

American Desk Flags printed on lustrous silk-like fabric. Available fringed or unfringed, with or without miniature bases.

4x6" flag on 10" plastic spear tip staff

4x6" American Flag Only #UNIUSA Plain

Each Ea/Dz Ea/ 6Dz Ea/12 Dz Ea/24 Dz
$4.70 $2.87 $2.30 $1.70 $1.60
4x6" American Flag Only #UNIUSAF Fringed
Each Ea/Dz Ea/ 6Dz Ea/12 Dz Ea/24 Dz
$7.15 $4.45 $4.05 $3.40 $3.25
One Hole Plastic Base, 2" diameter #16
Each Ea/Dz Ea/ 6Dz Ea/12 Dz Ea/24 Dz
$1.37 $1.20 $.92 $.87 $.80

2nd Amendment Desk Set


An empty flag staff?

Think again and click the images to enlarge them

Some con men sell a vain emperor a special suit of clothes made from fabric that is rare and wondrous. Only the smartest people can see it.

The suit is invisible to anyone who is stupid or unfit for his position. When the emperor struts around town in his wonderful new suit, no one is willing to admit that he is naked. To admit that one can not see the fine suit would be to admit ones stupidity. At last a little boy has the honesty to cry out "the emperor has no clothes!"

Every emperor should also have his own flag that only the smartest among us can see.




Do you know someone whose bravado speaks for itself? Then give that emperor his own flag.

Could you use a reminder on your desk that there are emperors in the world who see things that others don't?

Then treat yourself to The Emperor's New Flag:

#WNE $19.95 each

Get extras for your holiday gift list:

$14.95 each if you get two or more

$12.95 each if you get six or more

The gift box shown is shipped flat and easily pops up for inserting your Emperor's New Flag

High Quality American Desk Flag with weighted base

Envoy American Flag Desk Set

Fine quality fringed flag with gold cord and tassel. Brilliant gold finish staff with matching miniature weighted base. Comes boxed suitable for presentations.

4x6" flag. Set stands about 11.5" tall

Envoy Set #E6
Each 6+ 12+ 24+
$14.95 $12.95 ea $11.95 ea $10.95 ea




American Desk Flag: Fine quality silk-like polyester, 8x12" flag on a 1/4"x18" gold spear tip staff finished with gold fringe

Flag and base sold separately

Wooden table base 2 1/8" #WB182

US Flag #US812F

   1-11 flags 12 or more 144 or more
Flag #US812F $13.00 each $10.65 each $8.95 each
Base #WB182 $3.25 each $3.00 each $2.75 each



American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base

Walnut wood table base, desk flag desk sets. Flags printed on lustrous silk-like fabric. 4x6" flag on 10" plastic spear tip staff. Walnut base

Your choice of flags. Pick from all 193 UN members, all 50 states and US territories, all five armed forces branches. Add $1.45 per flag for yacht club officer, general or admiral flags

DIMENSIONS of all three bases: 2x3", 3/4" thick. The sloped front face is 11/8 x 3" but any engraving plate you have made should be limited to 1x2.75"


Single flag with one hole walnut wood base

#WN1 $11.20


One hole walnut base only:#WB1 $6.50

Any two flags with a two hole walnut wood base

#WN2 $16.15


Two hole walnut base only:#WB2 $6.75

Any three flags with a three hole walnut wood base

#WN3 $21.00


Three hole walnut base only: #WB3 $6.95

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