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All UN Members, Historic Flags, US States, Armed Forces, POW/MIA, Canadian Provinces

Price Each

Price per flag if you get a dozen of the same flag

Price per flag if you get 12 dozen. You can assort this quantity by dozens. Example: 3 dz Italy, 6 dz Ohio, 3 dz Marine Corps





High Quality American Desk Flag with weighted base

American Desk Flags, Fine Gift Quality and Simple Low Cost Versions

USA Desk Flag Special Deal

USA Economy Stick Flags


Solid Color Miniature 4x6 Inch Flags



United Nations 192 Member Set

Custom 4x6" Flags

flag bases



Economy International Hand Held Flags













Miniature flags are fun and educational to collect. Get in touch with other collectors and flag buffs at the North American Vexillogical Association:


Closeout/Clearance Section: Quantities limited, subject to prior sale

Guernsey $.99

Pohnpei $.99


Russian American Company Flag $6.00 each ( I have only a few)


COUNTRIES: $1 EACH San Marino (gov't) Comoros (old, green with upright crescent)


American Samoa Indiana Ohio


Northwest Terr. Nunavut  


Alamo 28 Star
Philadelphia Lighthorse Regiment Rhode Island Reg't

4x6" Cotton Green Flags

We only have about 400 #SHNGREN

1-23 flags 24-143 flags 144 or more
$1.25 each $1.00 each $.43 each




The following miscellaneous designs are on clearance, quantities limited

Town of Hempstead NY Flag 50 cents


Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital

50 cents


Riverside Community College 50 cents



The following group Football $1.50 each

Arizona Cardinals Cleveland Browns Philadelphia Eagles


The following "Historic Group" is $4.35 each

Our standard historical product line is:

13 Star Betsy Ross
15 star USA, unfortunately NOT the "dancing star pattern"
20 star USA
21 star USA
23 star USA
24 star USA
33 star USA
34 star USA
35 star USA
36 star USA
37 star USA
38 star USA
48 star USA
49 star USA
British Red Ensign
Kings Colors
Bunker Hill, with blue field
Continental , with red field
Cross of Burgundy, aka Spanish Cross
First Navy Jack ("Don't tread UPON me")
Fluer de lis Blue with 3 gold
Fluer de lis White with 3 gold
Fluer de lis white with 23 gold
Fort Moultrie (moon with "LIBERTY")
General Fremont (incorrectly with blue canton, white eagle) No correct version exists
Grand Union
Green Mountain Boys
Guilford Courthouse
Pine Tree
Royal Standard of Spain ("lions and castles")

Sons of Liberty 13 stripe

Taunton (Liberty and union)
Washington's Cruisers


4x6" Flags of the 50 States

50 flag set #UNIUS4 $79.00

Black Wooden Base for this set #UNIB1 $69

The flags are sold separately and the base is sold separately

United Nations 192 Members Set $259.00

Blue Wooden Base for this set #UNIB2 $189, holds 193 flags

The flags are sold separately and the base is sold separately


           Miniature Flag Bases Glossy Black Plastic

Model #


Number of Flags Held



Each if you get 12 or more

Each of you get 144 or more











































#106 Black Wood

3 7/8"





American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base American Desk Flags, high quality with walnut base
Single flag with one hole walnut wood base

#WN1 $8.35


One hole walnut base only:#WB1 $4.00


Any two flags with a two hole walnut wood base

#WN2 $12.95


Two hole walnut base only:#WB2 $4.25

Any three flags with a three hole walnut wood base

#WN3 $17.55


Three hole walnut base only: #WB3 $4.50


Custom 4x6" Mounted Flags

We can reproduce any simple or intricate design using our Aniline Dye process. Complete penetration of the dye to the fabrics core produces a luxurious, brilliant appearance that is soft and supple, never stiff or board-like. Our authentic screen dyeing techniques on 100% silk-like polyester material insures your custom mounted flags to be the best in quality and appearance  for  your custom 4x6" desk flags.
Pricing is based on you supplying correct computer artwork

# Colors 125-249 250-499 500-999 1000-1699 1700+
1 $7.10 $5.40 $4.20 $3.80 $3.60
2 7.90 5.90 4.30 4.10 3.80
3 9.00 6.80 5.40 4.90 4.80
4 10.70 7.20 5.80 5.50 5.40
5 13.00 8.00 6.40 5.90 5.70
6 15.00 8.80 6.80 6.40 5.90
Customer agrees to accept a billed quantity of plus or minus 10% on 4x6" flags. Base shown not included in pricing.

To correctly fulfill your order for a custom printed flag, we need computer art created according to the following specifications.
The flag layout must be provided as a vector format file, preferably done in Adobe Illustrator. The file needs to contain a true composite of the desired design including all specified color information, font data and linked support files. Fonts must be "created as outline" meaning that the fonts must be vectorized. The file should be saved in RGB format to allow for greater color gamut. Pantone Matching System designations are preferred for color fidelity of flat colors. The PMS numbers need to be "dropped in." In other words, the PMS information needs to be included in the file. The vector art can be provided as an .ai, .eps or .pdf file (with High Quality Print setting selected)

If the design includes any continuous tone art, such as a photograph, it must be created at 300 DPI at the full size and should also be saved in RGB format. These files are best saved as .tif or .bmp format. (.jpeg is not a good format to save art in as it loses quality every time it is saved). As stated above, this linked support file must be included.

In addition to the vector file and other information mentioned above needed for manufacture, also provide a version of your art saved in jpeg format for our office and email use. A hard copy color proof is also required, to assure correct communication and content assessment.

Don't have any computer artwork? Go see Sue: Design By Sue I have used her to make artwork for me and so have my customers. She knows exactly what to provide. Her shop is close to us.

Design By Sue, 128 Liberty St, Newburgh, NY (845) 561-2704



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