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"Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea!" From The Navy Hymn

Navy Commissioning Pennant Navy Commissioning Pennant


Navy Pennants

Navy mounted flag set with floor stand for parade or indoor use in office, lobby, stage or auditorium.

International Code of Signals

US Jacks


Navy Grave Markers         Other Troop Support Items

Double Sided Navy Flag: Appliquéd and embroidered double sided United States Navy flag

3x5' Heavy Nylon #MILNAP $59.00 Finished with heading and grommets

Embroidered and appliquéd design. This is not your typical silk-screened design we're all used to. Just look at this detail.

Plus, this flag is DOUBLE-SIDED! It reads correct on both sides. I had never seen a double-sided Navy Corps flag let alone ever think one could be offered for $59.

I was shocked when I saw it. Never had I seen so much beauty and workmanship

This embroidered Navy flag is made in China

This double sided flag is so rich in detail, fabric layers and embroidery, it is very heavy. Accordingly it will not be as good a flyer as the silk-screened nylon flags further down this page. For viewing up close as in a parade, on a wall, or on a front porch I have not seen a more beautiful United States Navy flag in my career.

Because of all the sewing in it and its double construction, this is a very heavy flag. If you are putting it on a pole in a bracket, don't use anything smaller than a 1" diameter pole.


Butterfly Snap Hooks


Look at all the stitching, layers of fabric and embroidery

What colors, what detail, what richness. The silk-screened flags below have their advantages, but none is more beautiful than this one



Silk screened nylon US Navy Flags, Made in USA

Outdoor rugged acid dyed nylon design finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. United States Navy Flags Made in USA

12x18" 2x3' 3x5' 4x6' 5x8' 6x10'
$15.95 $32.25 $47.95 $61.75 $102.95 $193.50

Navy Parade Flags: Rugged outdoor nylon finished with a sleeve instead of heading and grommets. "Single/Reverse design reads correct on one side and image is seen backwards on the other. Made in USA

3x5' 3x5' 4x6' 4x6'
$81.70 finished with gold fringe $72.25 plain, with no gold fringe $106.75 finished with gold fringe $95.50 plain, with no gold fringe



Lighter weight polyester finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. United States Navy Flag: This one is Made in Taiwan


#MILN3P 3x5' Each Price ea for 3 or more Price ea for 12 or more
$24.50 $15.00 $7.00
         Navy Caps

Navy Stick Flags, Navy Hand Held Flags

Navy Hand Held Flags


Retired Navy Flag

United States Navy Retired Flag

 #NARP $29.75  3x5' Polyester

Naval Academy Flag

Naval Academy Flag

#MIL956 $39.00

3x5' Dyed Nylon with heading and grommets.

Click Here For Navy Desk Flag Pricing

United States Navy Officer Flags


Navy Desk Flags 4x6"(Don't worry about an item number, just order the flag by description)

Click Here For Navy Desk Flag Pricing

You can get other flags at the same price to make your own two flag combos: US flag, state flags, foreign flags may be mixed and matched by the dozen to achieve the quantity price

Plastic Navy Flags

4x6" Plastic Flags on 10" Spear Tip Staff

Navy Spirit Flag #MILP10 $29.00

3x5' Polyester with heading and grommets. Detail shown at right.

Seabees Flag 3x5' Polyester

#CFSEA $29.75


Blue Angels Flag 3x5' Polyester

#MILP9 $29.00

With heading and grommets

Navy Seals Flag 3x5' Polyester

#MILP8 $29.00

With heading and grommets



Other Troop Support Items

Blue Star Service Banner.

For display by immediate family members of a person serving in the armed forces during a period of war. The service member need not be overseas.

8x15" nylon screen dyed design with crossbar, gold cord and tassel

#VSER $9.95 each



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