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Aluminum Flagpole Eagles: Aluminum eagles come in several sizes and shapes. Eagles are a mixed blessing. They look great, but if your flag gets caught on the wing and your pole is not removable or hinged, you will need a bucket truck to get the flag loose.


Never Furl Anti Wrap Collars

Never Furl Anti Wrap Collars


Never Furl Anti Wrap Collar Sets: Include the things you see here. You get easy to understand instructions, a diagram and even the allen wrench to turn the set screws in the collar ring.

Model # For Pole Dia Color Price
NF3 3/4" White $19.95
NF3B 3/4" Black $18.75
NF1 1" White $21.25
NF1B 1" Black $19.75
NF12 1.5" White $25.75
NF12B 1,5" Black $27.95
NF2 2" White $28.50
NF3X 3" White $54.50
These are used to attach the flag to the pole and help prevent "flag wrap." They come with easy instructions and even the little allen wrench you need to tighten down the screws. The flag's grommets simply slip onto the snap hook. By the way, through the years we've seen loads of gizmos and doodads that are designed to prevent a flag from wrapping around its pole. Nothing eliminates that problem 100%. But the Neverfurl is the best we've seen in this price range. We sometimes call it the "almost never furl." It is a great product and has been wonderfully effective at our shop.. And at least if your flag does wrap, it still has the chance to unwrap once the wind works on it a bit.

Never Furl Anti Wrap Collar Rings ONLY: With time this collar may split where the allen set screw bears down on the pole. Or you may loose it. You can get the collar by itself. Snap Hooks are also available as single flag parts.
Model # For Pole Dia Color Price for ONE collar ring
NF3C 3/4" White $4.40
NF3BC 3/4" Black $4.70
NF1C 1" White $4.75
NF1BC 1" Black $5.75
NF12C 1.5" White $5.90
NF12BC 1.5" Black $9.90
NF2C 2" White $9.95
NF3CX 3" White $13.60


1)Put the ring on the pole like you put a ring on your finger

2) Unscrew the thumb screw

3) Put the screw through the grommet

4) Screw the screw back into the ring and tighten it so it bears down on the pole. The thumb screw holds the flag.










 EZ Mount flag rings

#EZ3 for 3/4" pole

#EZ1 for 1" pole

$1.50 PER Ring

These are NOT rotating collars. They are reusable flag rings that attach through the flag's grommets and eliminate the need for string or cable ties.

EZ Mount rings









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