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"Cheap" Is Not A Dirty Word Prices and items on this page are on clearance. These are wholesale flags. These are cheap flag prices low enough for you to buy and resell them. Darn tootin'. These are cheap flags. But they are good flags All quantities are subject to prior sale. All prices subject to change. Quantities are limited.

   Emergency Solar Light Closeout: Don't be without light

emergency solar light   emergency solar light  Click to enlarge

I love these things and have a bunch of them in reserve myself. Ever grab a battery flashlight or lantern and the batteries are dead? Are you always the best at keeping an emergency supply of batteries in stock? With this simple device you'll have a solution. Keep it charged by the sun. If it runs down at night or you did not keep it charged, just crank it for a few minutes. It has two settings. One is full, one is lower light to make it last longer. It won't light up a room like a light bulb, that is not meant to be its capacity. But it will throw as much light as a couple candles and provides enough to read by. It sure throws enough light as you move through a dark house.

#R80007 $19.95 Limited to stock on hand


Lot#1A  American Flags : US Flags Wholesale MADE IN USA

3x5' Fully Printed Polyester/Cotton blend USA Flags with heading and brass grommets.

These are NOT "seconds". These are quality flags. In spite of their low price, they are MADE IN USA.

The Polycotton MADE IN USA

#PC35 $9.25 Each

Two for $15.46

$86.04 Per dozen

$379.20 per case of 60 flags: comes out to $6.32 per flag!! This is a case lot price, sold in full cases only. Partial case quantities take the dozen pricing



American Toothpick Flags

Lot#1B American Flag toothpick flags

USA Toothpick Flags, American Toothpick Flags

#USPICK $1.29 per pack CLOSEOUT

100 flags per pack


SEE CLEARANCE PRICING ON MANY Finger Pennant String Color Combinations



Washington Redskins Flag

Lot #3 Washington Redskins Flag

$29.00 #A1353

Limited to stock on hand

3x5' With Heading and Grommets

3x5' Polyester Officially Licensed by Fremont Die





Checkered flag pennant strings:  Great for your Pinewood Derby supplies

Checkered Flags

Lot #4  

Checker Pennant Strings

Great for any car related business

100 rope with 60 9x12" Plastic Black and White Checkered Flags


CLEARANCE PRICE $16 EACH for three or more

Checkered Flags


Lot #4B

British Red Ensign

Nylon with heading and grommets

#H72 2x3' $2.95!!!

#H64 3x5' $3.95!!!

#H73 4x6' $5.95!!!


Lot #5 Obama Pin

#OB6 $.99 Lapel Pin 1x1.5"

Beautiful gleaming epoxy domed photographic quality



Lot #5A Large President Magnet

Giant Pray for Our President Magnet

6.5" x 4.25" Oval

#MAGPRES   $1.49

12x18" Obama Garden Banner with a sleeve on the top






Lot #5B Obama Garden Banner

#OB3 $1.99

 5 X 45" Nylon Obama Streamer can fly in conjunction with your U.S. flag or alone. It has a single brass grommet and includes a nylon cable tie to connect it to the lower grommet of your American flag. Obama Victory Streamer

Lot #5C Obama Garden Banner

#OB4 $.99

#R9288 $10.99 POW/MIA Cap $7.95 CLEARANCE


Lot #6 POW/MIA Cap $7.95

Adjustable size

Lot #7


Confederate Flag Clearance

I've been a history buff and collecting history books for years. I am selling my personal books. If you are into books, take a weekend ride upstate and pick through them. They are being sold by me personally so they can not be charged to a credit card.

I am not offering them in any way but in the shop.

Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial Flags 

Explore New York 400 Flag from 2009

This flag was used to commemorate three landmark passages in New York State and American history. The Quadricentennial commemorated the explorations of Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain in 1609, as well as the 200th anniversary of Robert Fulton’s first steamship voyage along the Hudson River.


Lot #8

3x5' Outdoor Nylon Flag finished with canvas heading and brass grommets.

#CUSHF  $9.95

Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial Flags


 Oregon State Flag    South Dakota Flag   Washington DC Flag

State Flag Clearance

Lot # 9 State Flag Clearance

Oregon, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Washington DC



One of a kinds: NYPD Stick Flags

Lot #10 NYPD Stick Flags

We have these four only.

Beautifully dyed design with bright vibrant colors.


12x18" Stapled to 3/8" x32" tip to tip spear tip black painted dowel

Sold as a single lot of the four flags you see here

$19.95 per flag, total $79.80 for the bundle of four flags.

There is no item number; they are left over from a custom order.



Me Too FlagTransgender FlagTransgender Symbol Flag

All Lives Matter Flag

Lot #11

MeToo, Trans Gender,  All Lives Matter,  on clearance

Click here


Lot # 12

Money As Debt DVD

#MAD $12.95 (0nly one left)

 How money is created? I mean, you know how you earn it but where does it really come from? The answer may just shock you. It shocked me.

I watched this video on line. It is so good at explaining the conceptual notion of money that I wanted to own hard copy of it. The process of money creation is so astounding and so important for all of us to finally understand, I wanted to make the DVD easy for others to obtain. So I contacted the author in Canada and bought some to distribute here.

Money As Debt, DVD

Iraqi Freedom Veteran Cap

Lot #13A Iraqi Freedom Veteran Cap


#R9338 $10.99 $7.95


Afghanistan Freedom Veteran Cap

Lot #13B Afghanistan Veteran Cap


#R9499 $10.99 $7.95



Lot #14 Sleeved Antenna Flag Do NOT use these on antennas of vehicles moving at highway speeds. These are great for vehicles moving at  walking speeds. These are designed for car dealers who want to decorate their parked cars.

#812AF Polyester fabric

8x12" flag on a 20" sleeve

$.69 each



Plastic Table Skirts


13'x 29" but they stretch to 19' There is elastic in the top hem


Lot #15

$14.95 Limited to stock on hand

#PTS1 American Print

#PTS15 "Winner"

Lot #15A

Jewish Worship Pennant

Nylon pennant finished with snap and ring, fully sewn design

#JW4 $218 CLEARANCE $99.00 Size 4: 2'11" x 8' 8"

Lot #16 All Books on Closeout



   Songs of Stephan Foster CD

Songs of Stephen Foster CD $6.95

On July 4, 1826 the country celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died, and Stephen Foster was born in Lawrenceville, PA. With little or no formal training, young Foster taught himself to play several musical instruments, and at fourteen years old his first composition was performed in public. At age twenty-one he wrote a song called “Oh Suzannah” and sold it to a publisher, W. C. Peters, for $100.00. By 1848 this song had become a hit from coast to coast. Mr. Peters made $10,000.00 from sales of sheet music and Stephen Foster had become a superstar.

Lot #17 Stephen Foster CD $6.95

18 Songs played in the style of a 19th century string band

Oh! Suzannah, Old Folks at Home, Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground, Dolly Day, My Old Kentucky Home, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Angelina Baker,
Old Dog Tray, Jenny's Coming O'er the Green,
Hard Times,Camptown Races, Beautiful Dreamer, Glendy Burk, Gentle Annie, If You've Only Got a Mustache, Old Black Joe, Sweet Emerald Isle, Nothing But a Plain Old Soldier

The first pop superstar in American music history was neither a performer nor a recording artist – he was a songwriter. His name was Stephen Foster. He was the first American to make his living as a composer of pop music.


f you love the'll love this music! Volume one is especially popular. We visited Bobby down in Alabama when we went down there to research the family tree. He's a heck of a guy. If you are not familiar with his work, check out volume 1. You will not be disappointed. He sings all the songs, all the harmonies, and plays all the instruments. And to boot, he records and engineers all the tracks himself in his home studio. That is why he calls these his "Homespun Songs of the Union". We sat in and watched him do it. It is very cool.

Lot #17B

The Music of Bobby Horton: Union music, Union songs

Homespun Songs of the Union Army


We have a single Vol 1 cassette tape

And a single Volume 4 cassette tape left

$1.99 each

The others are sold out

Limited to stock on hand

Authentic Songs of the Union - Mostly "Period" Instruments - Historical Backgrounds for Each Song




Lot 18

Thank You National Guard Magnet #MAGTYG

$1.29 Each

High Quality wholesale military ribbon magnets Made in USA.  

37/8" wide x 8" tall 

Quantities limited to existing stock


netherlands flag

Lot 19 Netherlands Hand Held Stick Flag


12x18" cotton Netherlands flag mounted on a 3/8x30" dowel

$5.00 Each for a minimum of three flags

$12.00 / dz






Lot #20 Canada Windsock

100% Heavy Duty Nylon 10" long

Real cute gift item for home, school or office.

THESE ARE A CLOSEOUT ITEM: Quantity is limited

#SOCKCA 49¢ each


Click to enlarge




Lot #21 Red Cord and Tassel

5" tassel, 9' cord #CT5RE $5.95



4x6" Desk Flag

Staff size approx 10"


$17.50 for seven flags

Bases Sold Separately


      Clearance Deals On Foreign flags

Lot #23 Clearance Deals On Foreign flags

Lot #24 Hanging Flags

Approximately 3x4"

$2.95 each

Ecuador, Panama, Bosnia, Trinidad & Tobago

we have only one of each flag


Lot #25 Box of collectible Desert Storm Buttons

#ESBUT $19 for 132 buttons


 Lot #26 Brass Medallions


Brass Medallions CLEARANCE, Click Here

Lot #27

It's A Boy Flag #NOV18R


 3x5' nylon with heading and grommets

Regularly $40



Lot #28

Yellow Ribbon Banner; approx 2.5x4'

#YRB $5.95

We support our troops banner

Finished with sleeve on top, meant to hang vertically like a typical holiday banner

Pole and Bracket Sold Separately



Lot #28

United We Stand Banner; approx 2.5x4'

#UWSB $3.95

Finished with sleeve on top, meant to hang vertically like a typical holiday banner

Pole and Bracket Sold Separately


Lot #29 Paracord Buckles

#R210 $75 cents each  CLOSEOUT ITEM: Remainder lot of 193 buckles at 21 cents each. $39.00 for all 193 buckles.  

Black 1/2". The 1/2" dimension refers to the inside opening where the paracord is inserted. Side Release Black Paracord Buckle; overall length approximately 1.75"

Lot #31 Mississippi State Flag

Polyester Silk-screened light weight with heading and grommets

Mississippi Flag Clearance



Lot #32 Mississippi State Flag hanger


3x5" DOUBLE SIDED, includes hanger and suction cup

Mississippi Flag Clearance




Mexican Stick Flag

CLOSEOUT Economy International Hand Held Flags

Bahamas, Denmark, Panama, Poland, Switzerland, Mexico


Lot #33 CLOSEOUT Economy International Hand Held Flags

Bahamas, Denmark, Panama, Poland, Switzerland, Mexico

Israel Flag String

french flag string

Lot #34 Israel Flag String, French Flag String

Approx 30' long string of fabric 4.5x6" flags

#ESXTR $4.95 each, limited to the stock on hand

Beautiful item for a party decoration



Easter Bunny flag


Lot #35 Easter Bunny Flag

#NOVESBN $3.99

3x3' Nylon screen dyed with heading and grommets




   North Carolina Bike Flag

Lot #35 North Carolina Motorcycle Flag

Part# 9BKF $9.95 Flag is approx 5.5x10"

Clamps on for parade speed use, not for highway speeds. The opening closes to an oblong circle about 7/16" x 1/2". Chrome plated brass hardware with stainless steel staff

I picked these up as part of a big odd lot when I bought out a flag store. They are one of a kinds. Once the flag wears out there will be no replacements. They are heavier fabric than a common stick flag


Lot #36

International Code of Signals Flag

Numeral three



Size 0

1'x 1.25'

Finished with snap and ring

We have only a single one of these on clearance


Rotating Flagpoles


Lot #37

Sculpted Texas Flag Banner

#EV689 $12.95 closeout


Double sided, reads correct on both sides

Fully sewn nylon design, Pole sold separately


Lot #38 Bee Flag

#NOV40 $39.00

3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets

Lot #39 Desert Storm License Plate Frames

Left over from the first Gulf War

$2.00 each (there is no item number) Heck, take the entire box for $9.99  plus UPS. There must be a be 50 or a hundred in the box. I'll give you an exact count. If we sell you the whole box for $9.99 we will need to quote you a cost to ship it


Blue Star Flag

Lot #39 Blue Star Flag, Two Star

#SER235 $39.95 CLOSEOUT:$32.00

3x5' nylon screen dyed design with canvas heading and grommets


Flag of MunsterFlag of ConnachtFlag of UlsterFour Provinces of Ireland Flag


Lot #40 County Flags of Ireland on clearance:

Irish Flags On Clearance

POW Stick flag

Hand Held Cotton POW stick flags 4x6"stapled to 10" wooden staff

CLEARANCE: We have five gross in stock = 720 flags. Take all for $.29 per flag. Total $208.80 Plus shipping which will be quoted based on your actual address.


Lot #41 POW Stick Flags

peace flag

Other Peace Flags

Lot #41

Pink Peace Flag

#NOV44 $19 CLEARANCE $9.95

3x5' polyester with heading and grommets



Texas flag magnet

Lot #41 Texas Supports Our Troops Magnets


#MAG83M 4 x 2"  CLOSEOUT: lot of five magnets for $5.95




Lot #42




Lot #43



New Cars Flag


Lot #44 New Cars Flag


3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


Can you see the defect?

That's the point. Up close you will see some blemishes in the black letters


We have only one


Rent A Car Flag


Lot #45 Rent A Car Flag


3x5' Nylon with heading and grommets


Can you see the defect?

That's the point. Up close you will see some blemishes in the black letters

We have only one

Christian Motorcyclists Antenna Flag Lot #46 Christian Motorcyclists Association Antenna flags


$4.95 Each. We found only five. Subject to prior sale. When they are gone, there are no more

Antenna Flags

reverse American flag patch

#R17778 CLOSEOUT $1.19 LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND Right Hand Reverse American Flag Patch with hook and loop back. Fully embroidered. Worn on the A.C.U. I have tested it on the right shoulder of soldiers who come in to my shop and it is the same one they have.   1 7/8" x 3 3/8"


Lot #47 American Flag Patch used by the military

South Carolina flag


Lot #48 South Carolina Banner

5x8' Cotton like polyester

Sleeve across the top to accept a pole

#SC5B $79.00

This is a one of a kind custom banner. The 5x8' flag from which it was made sells for $119.00






Lot #49 SOLD OUT


American Flag Car Magnet Size: 6.5" x 11.5"

Left hand flag magnet for vehicle driver side

Made in USA

Lot #50 American Flag Car Magnet Size: 6.5" x 11.5"

Left hand flag magnet for vehicle driver side

Item #5822  $5.95 each

Made in USA



Betsy Ross Flag


Lot #51 Betsy Ross Flags Clearance Deal


Betsy Ross Flags on CLEARANCE

Lot #52 Books

Flags of the Fifty States
Their Colorful Histories and Significance
by Randy Howe

#BF50 $9.95 CLOSEOUT

200 pages, hardcover

A beautifully illustrated panorama of the states
of the union as seen through their flags


Lot #53


Lot #54


Antiques Flag


Lot #55 Antiques Flag

Antiques Flags On Clearance


Don't Tread On Me Stick Flag 12x18" Gadsden Flag, cotton polyester blend fabric on a 30" natural wood dowel with spear tip.

These are not the cheap Chinese imports that come on a 24" stick too short to stick in the ground. Flag is stapled to staff unlike Chinese imports that have sleeved flags that slip down the staff and fall to the ground.

This was a limited run. Availability is limited to stock on hand.


Lot #56 Gadsden 12x18" Stick Flag


#SPHGAD $7.00 each for three or more;

$2.50 per flag for 12 or more


Auto Racing Flag Set Checkered Flags

Auto Racing Flag Set


 24x30" nylon flags with canvas sleeve mounted on 3/4" x 30" wood pole for track use

CLEARANCE $111.00 for a single set only , PLUS SHIPPING based on your actual shipping address, limited to this single set in stock

Checkered Flags



USA Desk Flag Special Deal

Lot #58 American Flag Desk Set

USA Desk Flag Special Deal






Support Our Troops Pin


Lot #59 Support Our Troops Plastic Lapel pin

With military clutch pin back




Four for $1.00

Ten for $2.00

100 for $17.00

Military clutch pin back Military Clutch Pin Back


Buy American Lapel Pin

Lot #59A Buy American Plastic Lapel pin

With military clutch pin back




Four for $1.00

Ten for $2.00

100 for $17.00

military clutch pin back Military Clutch Pin Back



Air Force Academy Flag


Lot #60 United States Air Force Academy Flag

United States Air Force Academy Flag 

3x5' polyester with heading and grommets

#MILP12 CLOSEOUT PRICE $4.99 Limited to the one we have in stock

Lot #61

4x6" Cotton Green Flags We only have about 400


$1.25 each

$.75 each for 24 or more

$.43 each for 48 or more




Lot #62  Genuine Navy Pennant $19.00 clearance, we have only one in stock. It was made by mistake.


Sewn numeral reads correct on both sides

Approx size 23x31"

finished with snap and ring as shown


Lot #63 Flag of Uri Canton, Switzerland

3x5' Outdoor Polyester

#CFSTE $4.95



Lot #64 Flag of Schaffhausen Canton , Switzerland

3x5' Outdoor Polyester

#CFSCH $4.95


Bavarian Flag

Lot #65 Bavarian Flag


3x5' Outdoor Nylon

#IBAV $39.00

Texas 4x6" Desk Flag Lot #66 Texas 4x6" Desk Flag


Fine quality, silk-like

$1.49 each, six flag minimum


United Presbyterian Church Flag Lot #67 Nylon United Presbyterian Church Flag

3x5' sleeved with gold fringe

#ES13 $92.00 CLOSEOUT $39.00



Officer Desk Flags


Lot #68 Officer Desk Flags


$7.00 EACH

4x6" with fringe

Limited to the quantities on hand, subject to prior sale

Limited to the flags shown


American Flag Window decals static cling. For use inside a window facing out. Good for car home or business. MADE IN USA


Additional Stickers on Clearance


Lot #69 Static Cling Decal


2.25" x 4"

$15.50 per pack of 50 (comes out to $.31 each)


Lot #70

Episcopal Flag


Lot #71 Episcopal Flag 5x8'

Nylon with Appliquéd stars and stripes


5x8' Episcopal $69 on clearance, limited to the single flag in stock



Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

On two rolls, there is smudging, on the outer surface; the first 12" or so will have to be cut off. You can see it there to the right of my thumb

Lot #72 Yellow Ribbon

I have FOUR rolls, NOT the three shown here.

Two are full 100 yards

One seems 90% full

One maybe half or more full

There is between over 300 yards

Take the lot of four rolls

$4.50 each for the two full rolls

The two open rolls are yours for free

TOTAL: $9.00




Want to save some dough on flags? Great. We want to sell them to you.

First of all, let's clear up all this nonsense about the word "Cheap". Hey, I got a good cheap price on my car. That doesn't mean it's not a good car. It just means I got a good deal. In fact, I got a great deal. I got a super cheap price on a real good car from a great family dealership where I was treated with respect. I just happened to pay a cheap price. Don't you deserve a good deal? I know I did. So here you go.

The things listed on this page are cheap. They are not seconds. They are from American manufacturers. They are not even substitute manufacturers. They are from the same guys that have been supplying our stuff forever. This is really good quality stuff for its intended use and it is just as we describe it and as we show it in the pictures. Don't believe us? Then click here for Directions to our shop ,walk into our shop and ask to see it.

The entire idea of cheap stuff is that it can only be cheap if we are willing to sacrifice it in order to save costs and labor. But that don't work if you want to come back to us later and say how you shouldn't have bought it. Or that you bought too much of it. In order for a cheap deal to work it has to be cheap for both you and us.

If you are not sure if you want the stuff, but a tiny amount first. Don't go whole hog. Things purchased at quantity discounts or clearance prices are not returnable.

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