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My name is Al Cavalari, The Flag GuyTM . I own this business.

I hate it when you call a business and they won't put you in touch with the owner or even tell you who owns it.  Now you know where the buck stops at this place.

Call us and a live person still answers the phone. Now that right there is a novelty

Flag Merchants Since 1977

Knowledgeable, Reliable Service    Personal Attention Paid To YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Hey Al, How do we get to you guys?" Directions to our shop click here Yes, it is true! A business on the internet that actually has a physical location where you can walk in the door and visit its store. We've been serving people over the counter since before there even was an internet. Back when we started, computers took up 5 floors in a building and no one had one on a desk top. We still kind of run things that way.

An honest to goodness live person answers the phone, and you can walk into our shop during these hours*:

Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 6pm; Friday 9-5      Saturday 10am - 2pm Eastern Time

Need a flag catalog quickly? There is a supply in the parking lot outside our shop if you come by after hours.

Can't make it during our hours? Call us if our hours make it tough for you to visit us. If you can get there a little late on any given day and we don't have to be someplace we will wait for you. Heck, we don't mind.

*well, Ok, sometimes we close. Don't waste a trip. We close rarely for snow emergency or vacation. Call first if you are driving any distance to see us. Please don't drive 60 miles to see us and be mad because we took a vacation. Jeepers, even the United States Postal Service closes sometimes. (Well OK, the plants never close, but the individual post offices do.)


Does your flag wrap around your pole?


Do you enjoy those wonderful church signs with the great sayings and messages? I started a new hobby collecting pictures of them in a gallery.


What's New On My Web Site


11/6/21 CLOSEOUT SALE ON Confederate Flags

10/20/21 Puerto Rico Stick Flags

10/20/21 SALE: Plastic Military Flags

8/31/21 New World Trade Center 911 Flag Added

8/27/21 Clearance SALE on Decorative Full Fan Bunting

8/27/21 New Grave Markers: 911 September 11 and War On Terrorism

8/11/21 Rainbow Flags On Clearance

7/15/21 4x6" Flags On Clearance and Closeout

7/15/21 Flag Pins On Closeout

5/15/21 Space Force Flags Added

3/27/21 Liquidation of Pennant Strings

3/5/21 Irish Hand Held Stick Flags Added

2/7/21 Clearance on Historical Flags

2/7/21 CLOSEOUT SALE on lots of lapel pins

2/1/21  CLOSEOUT: Thin Gold Line Flag

2/1/21  CLEARANCE: Thin Red Line Fire Fighter Flags

1/20/21  NEW Sewn Gadsden Flag Added

1/20/21   SALE:  We Support Our Police Flags

1/20/21 South Carolina Navy Added

9/1/20   Eight New Union Civil War Flags Added

8/28/20 Belarus White Red White Flag Added

7/25/20 New Polyester Suffragist Flags

7/25/20 New Polyester Earth Flag

6/19/20 George Washington For President Flag

4/6/20 Emergency Solar Flashlights On Closeout

4/6/20 Antiques Flags On Clearance

4/6/20 International Flags On Clearance

3/29/20 Suffragist 19th Amendment Desk Flags

3/29/20 Earth 2x3' Banner Added

10/28/19 Black Knights West Point Flag added

9/23/19 Thin Blue Line and Police Support Flags on Clearance Lots #42 and #43

7/27/19 Betsy Ross CLOSEOUT

4/25/19 Brandywine and Connecticut Navy added to historical flags

1/25/19 New Novelty Flags Added

12/28/18 CAVU Desk Flag Set

11/19/18 Bee flag added to Novelty Flags page

7/11/18   George Washington HQ Flag with Sewn Stars

7/11/18 Added to 911 page: Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes

4/29/18 Aluminum Parade Poles Added

4/29/18 New 2nd Amendment Flag Desk Set

4/20/18 Collapsible Flagpoles Added

4/20/18 Me Too Flag added

11/30/17 COTTON Bedford Flag, Limited quantity added

10/31/17 Monmouth Flag Added

10/20/17 Parts added for Costco kits

10/5/17 Molon Labe Flag

10/5/17 The Emperor's New Flag

10/2/17 Thin Green Line Federal Officer, Park Ranger, Border Patrol Flag

10/2/17 Thin Grey Line Corrections Officer Flag

10/2/17 Civil War Army of the Potomac Flag added

9/27/17 Complete side mount US flag kit

9/21/17 Another Whiskey Rebellion Flag Added

7/21/17 Brooklyn Flag now $49

8/17/17 #P101 Thin Blue Line and #35P Police Support Flag on clearance

7/10/17 Philadelphia's Rainbow Pride Flag

4/15/17  FDNY Flag added

NYPD Flag added

San Jacinto Flag added in Texas historical flags

Thin Gold Line Emergency Dispatchers Flag

Whiskey Rebellion Flag Added

2/23/17 Breast Cancer Awareness Flags  

Transgender Flags

Human Rights Flag

Coexist Flag

All Lives Matter Flag

Black Lives Matter Flag

1/30/17 Four Freedoms Flag Added

12/1/16 Five NEW Union Civil War Flags Added

9/30/16 Hillary Flags ON CLOSE OUT  $3.99

8/10/16 Thin Red Line Fire Fighter Flags added

8/10/16 Thin Blue Line Red Line Police/Fire Flag added

7/25/16 Titanic's Royal Mail Pennant and Pennsylvania Navy flags added

7/24/16 Ten New Historical Flags Added

7/24/16 Confederate Flags ON SALE

7/22/16 Thin Blue Line Hats Added

6/10/16 Police Lives Matter bumper stickers added, additional Police flag memorial flag added

6/29/16 Additional rainbow flags added

4/14/16 NEW Thank A Veteran Cap

12/2/15 William Floyd Flag, Signer of The Declaration of Independence

10/22/15 Thin Blue Line Police Flags

8/15/15 Gansevoort 3rd New York Historical flag added

4/14/15 Four New Historical Flags Added

4/14/15 CLEARANCE SALE Military Ribbon Magnets

2/12/15 Now SEWN stars on Francis Hopkinson Flag

11/5/14 Republic of Rough and Ready Flag

9/30/14 World Peace Flag added

7/15/14 Three New Revolutionary War Regimental Flags

1/30/14 Cold War Flag Holder, Cold War Grave Marker

1/16/14 Vexibee

7/30/13 Tea Party Flag Added

5/2/13 Copper Flagpole Ball Ornaments Added

3/8/13 Added Red Cord and Tassel Sets

11/14/12 Two New Revolutionary War Historical Flags

3/21/12 Brown Flagpole Rope Added

2/21/12 Deal on Irish Flags

2/13/12 Stainless Steel Cable Added

1/11/11 Finger Pennant String CLEARANCE

1/11/11 Confederate 1st National Stick Flags:the nicest you've ever seen

9/2/10 Irish Province Flags, Flag of the Four Provinces

7/1/10 Eighth Air Force Flag One of the most stirring flags I have ever produced

2/28/10 British Ensigns British Red Ensigns CLEARANCE PRICES

2/25/10 Irish Brigade Flags Limited quantity of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Reg and 69th ceremonial flag. Follow this link and scroll down

2/4/10 Philadelphia Just for fun, I begin posting images and observations about my favorite city.

1/28/10 George Rogers Clark Flag

12/20//09 Three Bay Flag Cases

12/02/09 New Novelty Flags Added   Novelty Flags

11/15/09 New Orleans Greys Flag From The Alamo

11/13/09 Two Historical Republican Party Rally Flags

8/26/09Cheap flags Smiley Face flags added to closeout page: Lot #20

8/22/09Troop Support Products Including yellow ribbon windsocks

7/12/09 French Royal Standard

7/10/09 Brooklyn Flag

Defiant Flags : Flags of defiance from American History





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